Bath Favorites

i feel like the idea of taking a bath is completely polarizing. there are people, like my mom and me, that couldn’t live in a home that didn’t have a tub to soak in and there are people, like my sister, that generally thinks the idea of taking a bath is the worst possible thing in the world (although, i think she might be slowly changing her ways…a tiny bit). for me, it’s a time to relax and unplug from reality for a second. i typically light a candle, turn the lights out, and do nothing but just lay in the hot water for a little while. sometimes, i’ll have my phone or a good book to accompany me. 
although i’ll take a bath just about anyway it will come to me, i prefer to spice it up a little bit with bubbles, oils, salts, candles, and the like. here’s a few of my favorite bath-time products, as of late:
‘go be lovely’ bath salts — smells amazing (as does anything coconut scented) and softens the water nicely
c.Booth honey almond nourishing bath & body wash — creates a good amount of bubbles and adds a velvety feel to the water. also, smells delightful. 
sonia kashuk’s purple seductia lotion — be warned: this is the most potent scented lotion i’ve ever used. if you’re sensitive to smells, this may not be the best option. if you like to actually smell like the lotion you put on, go buy this in bulk. 
philosophy’s vanilla cream topping bath and shower gel — perfect for travel.
origins clear improvements charcoal mask — i love applying a face mask before i get in the bath to give it time to really work on my skin. this charcoal mask is the best i’ve used and makes my skin feel clean, soft, and vibrant.
tree hut shea body butter in coconut lime — again with the coconut. i can’t resist! i love this body butter for the winter when my skin gets especially dry. i lather up nice and good just after getting out of the bath and it’s very hydrating.
julep’s bare body milk — hydrating and soaks in quickly, so it’s good to apply just before getting in bed without worrying about smearing your lotion on your sheets.
decorware milk bath remedy candle in sakura blossom soak — i mean, how fitting?

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