it's rare when i put an outfit together that's made up mostly of just one brand. i tend to shop at a variety of different stores, so my looks are usually a combination of at least 3 different stores and brands. with this outfit, however, Anthropologie seemed to be the go-to. 

it seems to be about 3 days a year that i think to myself, 'man, i wish i had a job where i had to get up and get ready for work everyday before i go into the office'. and then i roll out of bed, slip on yoga pants and a tee shirt, make a hot cup of coffee, and sit down at my desk with a cat on my lap and think, 'mmmm yeah. just kidding. this is the much preferred scenario for me'.

i'd say about 17% of my wardrobe could fit into the 'business casual' category, if i worked in a corporate or office setting. some days, to motivate myself to get out of yoga pants, i require business casual at the office (which is in my bedroom, for those that don't know). this outfit happened to be the perfect combination of feeling comfortable and feeling put together. and it still allowed for cat snuggles.

pants | Anthropologie
flats | BCBGeneration (similar | similar)
clutch | Anthropologie
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie + Kate Spade
bangles | Elisabeth Ashlie