happy friday! my sister and nephew are heading back to the south today and, while that's not a happy thing, we had a wonderful visit! i'm looking forward to finally get back into a routine with work and getting the last few boxes unpacked in the new apartment. 

here's a look back at some of my favorite moments from this past week:

1. after my parents picked up my sister and nephew from the airport on sunday, they surprised me by showing up to my new door! it was a sweet surprise and i was happy to see them a day earlier than i had anticipated. 

2. (this is totally a first-world problem/solution) we got our cable and internet hooked up earlier this week and it's been pretty awesome to not share internet with an entire building! in our last apartment, internet was included with rent, which is nice and all on paper, but really awful for using the internet anytime past 6pm on weeknights or anytime at all on the weekend. so, problem solved. we have our own, which means that it actually works all the time. 

3. as mentioned earlier this week, Kate and i had a great day/night just the two of us hangin' out. we tried a couple new places in Chicago that i've been wanting to go - Toast and Jeni's Ice Creams. while we weren't particularly blown away by either one, it was fun to try out some new spots with her! 

4. after two weeks of what felt like utter chaos and not enough sleep, i feel like i'm finally getting back into a regular sleep routine and catching up. i'm not a functioning human when i don't get at least 7 hours at night, so it's been an interesting couple of weeks. 

5. i'm this close to being done with unpacking. i've made a personal goal to have every box empty by sunday night, every item in its place, and to decide where everything is going to be hung. my mom is coming into the city on monday to help hang curtain rods, pictures, etc, so i'm hoping for that day to be the final day of getting settled. then i can share some photos with you! 

how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!