High Five for Friday

happy friday, peeps! it feels like tuesday to me, so this is weird. this week marks officially being unpacked, decorated, and totally moved into my new apartment. so, it’s a good week. 
1. one of my roommate’s and i went to Renegade Craft Fair in the Wicker Park neighborhood last weekend. while i left empty-handed, it’s always fun for me to walk around shows like that to see what other artists are making. there were some things that were very tempting (mostly terrariums), but i resisted. if you’re in the area and never been, you should check it out next time they’re here! 
2. the cats are settling into the new place well! since this apartment is more than triple the square footage of the last one, it took them a few days to get used to all the space and not get lost. i’m pleased to share that Otis’ favorite thing to do it run, at lightening speed, from my bedroom to the living room for no apparent reason. maybe out of joy because he loves it so much? who knows. 
3. my mom was a rockstar this week and spent two full days helping me hang things and clean. if it were up to me, i’d still be trying to hang the first picture by today (concrete walls + plaster do not an easy nail hole make). truly, it’s so great to have a mom that’s willing and happy to come help me with things like this! 
4. FALL WEATHER HAS ARRIVED. (at least, temporarily). i’m thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. if not for the fact that we have no air conditioning so having the windows open with cool air is a lifesaver, then definitely for the fact that i can finally wear different clothes. anyone else sick to death of their summer clothes? 
check instagram to see where items are from
5. as i’ve hinted at a couple times, i’m working on some things for Elisabeth Ashlie that i’m really excited about. i’ve made a lot of progress this week and it’s making me very excited to share it with you all soon! 
hope you have a great weekend! 
how has your week been? link up below! 

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  1. Meghan wrote:

    I can't believe it's fall already!! Summer just flew by… I can't wait for chunky sweaters and scarves!!!

    Posted 9.12.14 Reply

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