High Five for Friday

happy last friday of september! how is that possible? i still feel like it’s july. this year is going by way too quickly. know what else seems to be going by too quickly? my weeks. it’s crazy. i feel like i wake up, sit down to my computer, and then look at the clock and it’s already 4pm. i think this week went by quickly because it was a pretty good one. here’s why:
1. i attended a group meeting on wednesday night through the church that i’m going to in order to eventually get plugged into a small group. it was so nice to be in that environment again and to meet new people that i share my faith with. i’m looking forward to the next few weeks of meeting together! 
2. i made a mistake and sent my mom a photo of this adorable Kate Spade wallet that i found at Nordstrom Rack. she didn’t respond until hours later, which meant that i left the store without picking it up for her. (huge mistake, by the way. always buy. ALWAYS BUY. you can return later.) i popped back in later in the week to find that it was already snatched by some lucky son of a gun. (sorry mom!) however, i did find the sneakers that fulfill all of my hopes and dreams. i love wearing sneakers like this on casual days or for running errands. 
3. speaking of my mom, she came into the city yesterday for a few hours to do some shopping and spend some time at my apartment. my dad popped in over the weekend before getting dinner with a client. it’s so nice to have my parents live close enough that they can come visit for a few hours!
4. (i shared this on instagram yesterday) but i found one of my favorite pair of pants at the bottom of my dresser and was so thrilled! i forgot that i even owned them, so finding them was like discovering them all over again. i want to wear them everyday. only problem is that it’s a pretty recognizable pattern, so i need to space out my wearing a bit. however, i’m excited! (pants are from Old Navy last year)
5. i booked a trip down to North Caroline for the middle of October to get some quality sister & nephew time. i’m looking forward to seeing how David has grown and being able to hang out with Kate!
how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it!

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