Accessorizing for Fall

the fall season is upon us! if i'm being honest, i was looking forward to fall for the entire summer. i'm not much of a hot weather girl, so 60 degree days are my idea of heaven. unfortunately for me, i live in a place that has already had SNOW, but that's another story. (the chicago area had snow flurries on saturday morning. STOP THE MADNESS.)

one of my favorite things about the fall season, besides the beautiful colors outside, is accessorizing. if i could wear a scarf everyday, i would. i've come to find that Zara has the best scarves. they're warm, soft, and long enough to wrap around a couple times for good bundling. 

i'm also really into layering metal necklaces right now. i don't know what it is but i love the look of dainty and simple necklaces stacked on top of one another. i like the minimal fuss and how it adds just enough to an outfit to make it feel complete. i've all but given up on wearing statement or drop earrings because they just end up blowing in the wind and being uncomfortable. so, simple studs it is.  and i like to incorporate some color in my rings or bracelets.

another thing i love about fall is outerwear. i've got a closet full of vests, jackets, and coats just itching to be worn. i've gotten a lot of use out of my military jacket already this fall. it's great as a light layer over a sweater. i have a handful of vests in my closet (i love wearing vests!), but this one has become a favorite.

although i'm not quite ready to give into boot season full-time yet, i am actively working on my boot collection. i spotted these the other day and just might have to add them into the mix. i'm in need of a short brown bootie.

i tend to carry around big bags in the fall and winter months. i like to have a place to throw my gloves, hat, scarves, tissues, lotion, etc. this tote is the perfect red for the cool months.

i definitely like to venture out into darker lip colors in the fall, too. there's something about a deep red or plum lip that i just love. and it's finally time to wear my favorite fall/winter fragrance! i discovered this one a couple years ago and always look forward to bringing it back out when the weather cools off.

what's your favorite fall accessory?

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  1. I just got some cute brown booties from American Eagle


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