Black Out

three years ago, i wouldn't be caught dead wearing something black, let alone an entire outfit. i always found it to be such a harsh and boring color (or absence thereof, really). with fair skin and bright blonde hair back then, i was sure that i couldn't go anywhere near it. 

and here we are, three years later, wearing all black and with a closet full of black tops, pants, outerwear, and shoes. i can barely get by a couple days without picking out an item to wear that's black. 

my friend and one of my roommate's, Sam, really turned me onto it. at the time, she was living in the city attending college, so it was basically required. it was noticeable when she would wear something with color. i don't remember how or when, but i do remember thinking, 'if she can wear that color basically every day of her life, i have to be able to find one piece of clothing that looks good on me'. lo and behold, i found a blouse at forever 21 and my anti-black-wearing world flipped on its head. 

what was once one black blouse tucked in the back of my closet, is an ever-expanding pinnacle in my closet. i have my hanging items (casually) arranged by color, black taking the prize for the largest section, hands down. i love how it feels classic, sophisticated, and effortless, even if its just the color of my bag or shoes. 

sweater | Zara
blouse | H&M
pants | Madewell 
flats | DSW
necklace | Target

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