Leopard + Leather

this past weekend was one of those weekends where i wanted to freeze time. the warmth of the autumn sun, the sound of dried leaves crinkling beneath my feet, the smell of apple cider and fresh-out-of-the-oven chex mix in the air. it was wonderful and passed by far too quickly. mike and i enjoyed our saturday with a delicious brunch at a local restaurant (where i think i found my favorite pancakes!) and a slow stroll through Lincoln Park Zoo. later that evening, he headed out to hang out with a friend and i went to my favorite Mexican restaurant with my roommates for a much-needed girls night. i woke up sunday morning and thought, ‘yesterday was one of the best days i’ve had in a long time’. there was nothing special or particularly exciting about it, but it was relaxing, enjoyable and spent with some of my favorite people. what more can you ask for?
on a totally unrelated note, i’m pretty happy that this dress can come out of it’s spring/summer storage and be worn again. i love how light it is, the leather details, and that it’s a one-piece outfit. it requires just a couple accessories and that’s it. again, what more can you ask for? 😉
dress | Francesca’s (similar)
booties | Target (similar)
clutch | Dooney & Bourke (similar)
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie + Kate Spade

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