i can easily get stuck in a rut with my clothes and style. i'll find a couple items in my closet that i feel really good in and find ways to wear them as often as possible. while that's not a bad thing, it leaves a lot of clothes untouched. on mornings when it seems like i spend more time standing in my closet, staring at my clothes than actually showering and getting ready, i know it's time to think outside the box and just grab something i haven't worn in a while. 

this little number is the result of that random choosing. i saw the skirt, which i wore during the summer months, and thought, 'there has to be a way to wear that in cooler weather'. and so, i had my mission for the morning. once i knew one piece, the rest came together quickly and i was dressed and out the door. it's those little challenges that make me step outside of my temporary comfort zone and try something new in my wardrobe, which means i end up actually wearing the majority of the clothes in my closet! 

while this is a 'dressier' outfit than i would typically wear for a normal workday, i felt good in it all day because it was new and different. it's amazing what putting together a new combination of clothes can do for you!

if you're ever in a bind one morning, having no idea what to wear and feeling like you'll just have to go to work in sweatpants, try this little trick. pick out one item, either a top or bottom, and force yourself to wear it, no matter what. pick out the remaining pieces that go with it, and you'll be ready to leave in no time!

p.s. i kinda felt like a prep school student wearing this, even though i'm pretty sure their skirts have to cover down to their knees or something ;)

sweater | J.Crew Factory
skirt | H&M (similar)
booties | Target (similar, similar)
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie, Kate Spade, J.Crew Factory