Well, this is vague…

the past few weeks i’ve been stuck in this weird space, mentally. i don’t really know how to explain it, but i feel like i’m in this phase of change. like things need a little shake-up – my routine, my style, you name it. i guess you could say i feel like i’m stuck in a rut but i’m on the brink of getting out of it, i’m just not sure how or when yet.
…well, that was extremely vague. truthfully, this is the first time i’m putting it down in words, so now you get a little peek into my brain. which is terrifying, obviously. so, while i can’t control what is happening in my head right now, one thing that i know i’m about to change is my hair. (nice transition, huh?) i’m flying down to North Carolina this weekend to spend a few days with my hairstylist sister and fully intend on having her do something new and exciting (to me) with my hair. i share her sentiment in being bored to tears with it these days, so i’m thinking something a little more dramatic is in need. 
it was cut only a month ago and i feel like it’s grown 3 feet since then. where was this miracle growth 5 years ago when i would have done anything for long hair! anyway, here’s what i’m thinking:
all images via pinterest
it’s getting chopped, that’s for sure. i’m thinking dusting my shoulders, but my sister may talk me into slightly longer since she knows how i am. my color is in desperate need of a change, too. i’ve always enjoyed trying different colors and methods, so i’ll see what Kate has in mind. i’m thinking some type of rich brunette with hints of auburn and some subtle ombre in there, too. right now, my hair is basically all my natural color, minus a few highlights around my face. i’m looking for some depth! 
so, this is my mood board, if you will. i’m looking forward to the change and a fresh new ‘do!

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