High Five for Friday

happy friday! i hope everyone (that celebrated) had a wonderful thanksgiving yesterday! we enjoyed a delicious dinner at home with some extended family and i ate just a little too much, seeing as i woke up still feeling full this morning! 
here’s a look back at some of my favorite things from this past week:
1. Mike and i celebrated our 2 year anniversary over the weekend! we had a relaxing day, starting with a delicious breakfast and professional massages (mike had been talking about wanting one for months, so i figured we should treat ourselves!). we went to The Signature Lounge for some drinks before dinner and, unfortunately, it was probably the most overcast night possible, so we couldn’t see a thing. it was cool to go up there, since neither of us had been before, but we’re definitely heading back sometime when it’s a clear evening! 
2. my sister, brother-in-law, and nephew are in town for a few days and it’s so nice to have them here with us! David is as cute as ever and we’re all enjoying some quality time together.
3. thanksgiving was wonderful yesterday! the food was delicious, we shared plenty of laughs at the table, and we had the prettiest snowfall during the day. not to mention, i got to spend it with these two cuties:
4. i had last friday evening all to myself at our apartment and enjoyed every second of it. one roommate was traveling, while the other was at a friend’s, so i was left with the place to myself for a few hours. by the end of the night, i was ready for some human interaction, but you better believe i enjoyed the solitude for a few hours! 
5. yesterday marked the first day of my several-day vacation! i’m looking forward to spending time with family at home and taking a little break from work! 
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how has your week been? link up below and tell me about it! 

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