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a late night on friday (thanks to a successful housewarming party!) left me pretty much wiped out on saturday. when staying up past 2 am basically ruins you for the entire weekend, you start to feel pretty old. hey, i like my sleep. what can i say?

the party went off pretty much without a hitch! all three of us (my roommates and i) each had a moment during the day on friday of, ‘oh man, what if nobody shows up and were left with all this food and drinks?!‘ you know, normal party hosting self-doubt thoughts. the snacks were out, apartment was sparkling clean, and we were all in our party outfits hanging out in the kitchen when the start time for the party arrived and went, without a peep from guests. obviously, we anticipated that people wouldn’t show up until 30-45 minutes after the start time, since that seems to be normal when you’re given a, ‘come anytime after ___’ time. but still, with every minute that passed, we grew a little more and more anxious for guests to arrive. finally, at about 8:35, we heard a knock at the door and our first attendees were here! they seemed to pretty much flow in after that, and before long, we had a full house!

all of the snacks were consumed, much of the drinks were drunk, and we made it through without any major spills or catastrophes. the last guests left at about 2:30, at which time the three of us all promptly ran walked like zombies to our beds. when i woke up (laaaate) the next morning, we did the cleaning and spent much of the day lounging, switching between the couch and my bed. it was pretty fantastic.

there were many weekends when i would feel guilty about not working or doing anything productive, but i’ve learned to really enjoy my weekends and take a break from work. since i’ve made that change, i’ve come to enjoy my weekends so much more and actually take time to rest, staying in my bed for hours.

when i did finally get the energy up to leave the apartment, i went with my classic (mostly) black outfit with a couple extra accessories to keep warm.

weekends were made for messy buns and comfortable layers, no? also, lipstick can go a long way in making me feel human. that’s all.

p.s. for you High Five for Friday-er’s: sorry about last friday! the day got away with me from prepping for the party and a couple other things, so i wasn’t able to get a post up in time. you better believe the link-up with be back this week, though!

sweater | H&M
jacket | Cusp (available here or similar)
leggings | J.Crew Factory (pssst! they’re 30% off!)
scarf | similar
bag | Vince Camuto (similar)
lip color | Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Smitten

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