That One Scarf

so, this scarf. this scarf is one that i worked pretty hard for. let’s back up: one of my roommate’s introduced me to ZARA shortly after i moved to Chicago. she’d been shopping there for a couple years (i think), but i’d never checked out their store or been online, so i wasn’t sure what to think. i popped in the store one day and was smitten. although a lot of their clothes are on the dressier side of things, they also have a lot of great staples, like jeans, comfortable tops, and the greatest scarves in all the land. my first purchase when i lived in Chicago was a pink scarf from ZARA, which should have been a sign of what was to come. 
i wore the life out of that scarf last fall and winter. so, i added another 2 during their big sale they had a couple months ago. i thought i was set. 3 perfect scarves for the fall and winter months – one color, one neutral, one patterned. that’s it. i’m done. 
…and then i saw this checked scarf everywhere on the internet (and you may have, too!) and wanted it, in a bad, bad way. what i love about their scarves is that they’re big, so they’re perfect for bundling, but they’re (mostly) made out of lightweight material so i don’t feel like i’m suffocating or hurting my neck. so, when i finally discovered that this scarf was from ZARA, i was convinced. i checked the website everyday for about a week, since it was sold out when i finally decided to pull the trigger (doesn’t that always happen?!) and then finally got that glorious email notifying me that it was back in stock. i quickly went to my desktop and completed my purchase. 
i love the checked pattern, the colors that just scream fall and winter, and the bulkiness of it. this thing is going to be a savior for the next several months, i can already tell.
and my roommate, you know the one that introduced me to ZARA, already tried to steal it from me once. i’m thinking of installing some sort of tracking device on the thing to keep tabs at all times. 
in separate news, Mike was thrilled to be back to his photographing duties this weekend. 
sweater | Madewell
pants | Calvin Klein (old)
scarf | ZARA
bag | Vince Camuto via Nordstrom Rack
bracelets | Elisabeth Ashlie
feather necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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  1. CARLY wrote:

    I loved this scarf so much I bought it directly through your link! Problem is, I can't style it like yours – it's short and thick like a blanket. Is yours the same? If so, how did you style it?! Love your blog!

    Posted 11.14.14 Reply
  2. Heather wrote:

    I also have this scarf. Mine is huge and blanket like…and leaves a rediculous amount of fuzz all over everything I wear. Like a crazy amount of fuzz. Could possibly make new scarf from all the fuzz. Did you have this problem with yours? In the photo yours looks like it may be lighter weight and fuzz free.

    Posted 11.20.14 Reply
  3. CARLY wrote:

    Heather – mine is the SAME! 🙁

    Posted 11.20.14 Reply

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