happy last day of 2014! 

i've never been one for fancy NYE parties or big celebrations - i prefer a cozy night at home watching the countdown on TV and snacking on some good eats in my sweatpants. i mean, really, is there a better way to kick off a new year? not to me! this new years eve will be spent with mike and some friends in Wisconsin for a little getaway. we're looking forward to trying some new Pinterest recipes, crafting up some tasty drinks, and probably playing a card game or two. every year, it gets more and more difficult to make it past midnight. something about forcing myself to stay awake makes me even more tired - does anyone else experience that? i'm hoping that it will be a bit easier this year, especially since we'll have other people around to stay up with ;) 

i'm looking forward to a whole new year! there's already plenty of things planned for 2015 that i'm looking forward to, so i think it will be a good one! 

happy new year, friends! hope you have a great time celebrating! thanks for spending 2014 with me :)

by the way, this tote bag is the perfect carry-on/quick getaway bag. it will be getting plenty of use in the new year, that is for sure. 

tee | J.Crew Factory
sweater | Gap
jeans | ZARA
scarf | ZARA
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie