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i’ve added a few new beauty products into my regular routine that i thought you may want to know about. mostly because they’re some of my new favorites, but also because i always find it helpful to read/hear about a product from someone instead of spending my money on something that i might like. a couple of the recommendations came from my sister, while the others were just lucky picks i made at Sephora.   
 first up is this life-altering face cream, Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream from fresh. okay, maybe not life-altering, but certainly skin-altering. i’ve heard rave reviews about it, so i thought i’d give it a try…and here i am, giving a rave review! i started with the 0.5 oz. jar just to give it a shot, and have a feeling that i’ll be going back for the 1.7 oz. jar when i run out. i apply just enough at night (after cleansing my skin) and it gives my face a silky-soft smoothness. i’ll be honest, i don’t love the smell of it, but it soaks in quickly to my skin, so the scent is gone quickly. especially for the winter months, i need a super moisturizing face cream, which this one is. i’m looking forward to continuing to use it to see any long-term effects. 
 next up are my new favorite eyeliners, Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Plushie and Sabbath. sometimes i like to opt for a colored eyeliner, versus the classic black. i love the shades of these, a rich purple and a deep navy, and how easily they slide over my eyelid. my favorite way to apply them is to do a thin line, just above my lash line, and smudge the line with a thin eyeliner brush. i add a little to my lower lash line that way, too. it’s fun to use a color to make your eyes ‘pop’ or in lieu of a bright lip! they really do last all day, too! 
my favorite from this group is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. i’m a big fan of Bite, already having a few of the shades of the Lush Lip Tint and one BB for Lips. i’m one of those people that always needs to have something moisturizing on my lips, whether it be lip balm, lip tint, or regular old chapstick. i hate the feeling of dry lips, so i like to find new products that moisturize and last a long time. this lip mask does the trick. i picked up the mask in Champagne, so it has a bit of a color to it, which is nice for wearing during the day. i prefer to use the mask as night, applying a thin layer before i go to sleep. i wake up with moisturized and nourished lips, which is a good way to wake up. 
if you’re a beauty lover, these are a couple great ideas to add to your wish list this holiday season (or treat yourself to!). 

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