Style Evolutions + One Deep Thought

it's fun (and sometimes kind of horrifying) for me to look back at how my style has evolved over the years. with this blog and social media, i have a lot of outfits documented over the past three years or so. some i still love and would wear, while others are long gone from my closet...never to return. it makes sense that my style would evolve as time passes, but it doesn't seem so dramatic when it happens over time, versus over night. certainly, there was a day that i probably wouldn't be caught dead in an oversized sweater (that looks like something my grandfather probably owned) or a time when i couldn't wear any shoe with a heel for more than 10 minutes. my, how times have changed! 

on a grander scale, i can look back and see how i've evolved as a person, too. things that used to be important to me don't seem as important anymore, and vice versa. when i look to the future and what i picture my life to be, it's vastly different than what i pictured 3, 5, 10 years ago. and that's the cool thing about life. we're all on a different path going to different things and that path will more than likely change, sometimes slightly and sometimes completely. i remember a time when i thought i'd never live in a big city, and here i am feeling like i could never leave Chicago and be perfectly happy.   but, a year from now, that could be totally different. i've learned that it's about being along for the ride, taking things as they come and being open to whatever may come along. you never know what one decision could change your life, ya know? 

today's deep thoughts brought to you by one week of being 25 years old and possibly having a tiny quarter-life crisis. and yes, this outfit. who knew clothes could be so inspiring? ;)

p.s. i had a rather difficult time figuring out what to title this post. i'm fairly convinced that's the hardest part of blogging.

top | LOFT
sweater | Gap
jeans | ZARA
booties | DV by Dolce Vita
necklaces | Elisabetha Ashlie (here and here)
earrings | Anthropologie

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