The Sincerely Box

one of my favorite things to browse at a store are the paper products. whether it's cute notepads, notebooks, or cards, i always get sucked into checking them out, and usually leave with (at least) one in hand. i have a box of cards sitting in my office that are perfect for just about any occasion, so i always have one on hand for whatever i need. 

Checking In

holiday time for a business is no joke. most of you know by now that my "day job" is running Elisabeth Ashlie, which i love and enjoy doing everyday. since we launched The Dearly Box back in October, we've been churning our wheels a million miles a minute. then throwing in Black Friday/Cyber Monday and regular holiday orders, and i'm breathing, sleeping, eating all things EA. which means that i'm not making time to get ready most days, which then means that i'm not exactly in a position to take photos of my outfits...hence the quietness. 

so, i'm officially taking a break until 2016. well, with actual blog posts, that is. i'll still be grammin' and tweetin' and snappin' (@laurelizabeth4), but there likely won't be a new post here until January. i'm not making any promises, though, i could surprise you with one so don't go too far. 

have the happiest holidays! 

Tough Lace

happy thursday, friends!

this has been one of the most stressful weeks i've had in awhile, but i'm happy to say that i'm back on the upside of things, and just in time to celebrate getting another year older tomorrow! however, that does mean that i have to venture to the state office today to renew my driver's license and get a new photo taken, which i'm mostly dreading because it's the state's office and nothing good every comes from going there.

Saturday Style | 34

you're probably well aware of this already, but tomorrow marks the first day of DECEMBER. WHAT.  i'm anticipating a rather full month, so i'm not sure if i want it to begin, or could use another week of November. either way, i'm fairly certain the calendar won't stop moving for me, so it's happening and i'm coping. 

Putting Together a Gallery Wall

one of my favorite things that i've done with my décor is build a gallery wall. i love how it fills the space so well, while remaining interesting and not overwhelming. gallery walls can be tricky, though. picking out the art, objects, and other pieces to be a part of it is a process. i spent several weeks thinking through and collecting all of the things that you see. i wanted a cohesive theme, but also a good mix of types of art. several months later, i'm still so happy with how it turned out. i wanted to share a couple of tips and tricks i learned along the way.

Saturday Style | 33

i woke up this morning and could hardly believe that it was already the week of Thanksgiving! every year seems to go by more quickly for me (and others, it seems) and this year is no exception. it didn't start to feel like the holiday season until we got our first snow on Friday. it was the most beautiful snow. you know, the kind where it feels like you're living inside of a snowglobe? the best. i listened to my first bit of Christmas music and was finally feeling festive.

Black and White

hello, party people! this is my second attempt with this post, seeing as i just erased the entire thing before hitting publish #wednesday 

The Newest Addition

my catlady-ness has reached a whole new level...and i couldn't be happier about it. yes, that is an illustration of my cats. yes, it is currently residing on the walls of my office. YES, you better believe i look at it many times throughout the day and think something along the lines of, "ohhhhh they're so cute!"

Ivory x Grey

who says you can't wear white after labor day? 

The Perfect Combination

i may have found my perfect combination of products to create a natural-looking glow. i've been mixing and matching different foundations, BB creams, highlighters, and concealers for awhile, so it's been a process!

Saturday Style | 32

Earth Tones

My Most-Used Lip Products

if there's one makeup product that i get the most use out of, it would be things for my lips. and under eye concealer because, hello, who doesn't look better without bags?! 

A Check for the Bucket List

guys, the half marathon was this weekend and i live to tell to the story! 

yes, that's right, i ran a half marathon. 
if you knew me in middle school/high school/most of college, this will likely shock you. aside from a few years of playing basketball (mostly avoiding having the ball passed to me by looking like i was busy trying to lose a defender or tie a shoe or something) and a very brief stint as a high school cheerleader (which was mostly the worst), i have very few athletic bones in my body. mostly due to the fact that i am incredibly uncompetitive. like, fiercely not competitive. except when it comes to completing a jigsaw puzzle, then i'm zoned in and i will beat you to the final piece. 

Recipe \\ Bacon-Wrapped Tots

happy friday! i'm bringing you the last of the "game day" snacks from my friend Lindsay, of Cooking In Pearls, today! this one is probably my favorite of the snacks we whipped up because bacon + tater tots + cheese. yes, you read that right. 

a lot of restaurants in Chicago (and maybe elsewhere, i just never noticed) offer tater tots as a side option. you know, like fries, coleslaw, fruit, salad, TATER TOTS. i always pick the tots, so you better believe i was excited about having them stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon. 

Saturday Style | 31

tee: J.Crew Factory | sweater: H&M (similar) | jeans: Banana Republic | lip: Lush Lip Tint by Bite Beauty in Lychee | planner: Rifle Paper Co via Nordstrom | sneakers: Steve Madden | rose gold hex studs: Elisabeth Ashlie | weekender bag: Sole Society

my Saturday was spent traveling to visit my nephews, so a comfortable and functional outfit was key.

Recipe \\ Chex Mix with a Kick

happy saturday! 

i wanted to share this delicious chex mix recipe with you guys from my friend Lindsay, of Cooking in Pearls. if you have a man (or you yourself!) that's going to be enjoying game day on Sunday, you should definitely make this mix. it's super easy and the perfect complement to a football game. 

Donuts + things

as a kid, my favorite flavor of muffins was lemon poppyseed. weird, right? most kids would probably say blueberry or chocolate or, "ew, muffins? i'll have a donut". and there i was, walking up to the breakfast buffet, just hoping and wishing and dreaming that there would be those tiny little yellow muffins with the black dots. there usually were, thank goodness. to this day, lemon poppyseed is one of my favorites, so you can imagine how i felt when i stumbled upon this recipe on pinterest.

IG Round-Up | 02

'ello, errrbody. 

it's tuesday morning and it sort of feels like a thursday, but also like a monday and so i'm just in a weird place emotionally. i'm also yet under-caffeinated and have about 7,395 things i want to get done today, SO popping in to share a quick little IG round-up. anything that isn't identified is either old as the hills or i have no idea where it's from. you can also just scroll through my instagram feed to see the tags and such. 

it's been a bit quiet around here because i've been spending all of my days working on getting the first batch of Dearly Boxes ready to ship! i'm hoping to make some serious ground today, which will allow me to get dressed in real clothes and then actually share an outfit with you.

until then, you can catch me on IG or snapchat (@laurelizabeth4).


cape: TJ Maxx | jeans: ZARA (similar, similar)
tee: Target | leggings: Nordstrom | slip-ons: Steve Madden | scarf: H&M | bag: Kate Spade
jeans: Madewell | sweater: Marshall's
flannel: H&M (similar)
 sweater: Madewell | jeans: Zara (similar) | slip-ons: Steve Madden | bag: Kate Spade | watch: Daniel Wellington c/o
sweater: TJ Maxx | phone case: Rifle Paper Co. | nail: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark | necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie

Lavender x Black

ever have one of those days where you just cannot get it together? 

you wake up late, your hair won't style, you run out of coffee creamer, and, as the clock keeps ticking by, forget trying to put together an outfit that you feel good in. obviously, none of these things are life-altering or important in the grand scheme of life, but there's something to say for starting your day off on a smooth note that makes it difficult when it doesn't happen. 

when you have those times, the simplest thing to do is pick one or two colors and build an outfit out of them. for me, it will always be black, and maybe another color. black is classic, chic, and always appropriate, so it's the easiest one to use as a go-to. if you're looking for something a little more interesting, or just can't fathom wearing all black anything, add in another color, like a lavender, powder blue, or cognac. once you have the base layers, you can add in some texture and pattern with your accessories, like a necklace and printed pumps. and suddenly, you feel like you can conquer the world! or at least survive the day without regretting your outfit at every turn. 
or am i the only one that happens to?

tank: Target | leggings: J. Crew Factory (similar) | cardigan: Target | pumps: Target | scarf: Zara | necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie | watch: Daniel Wellington c/o | cuff: Elisabeth Ashlie | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

photos by Christina Shelley

Saturday Style | 30

we had a bit of a warm up over the weekend, so i took advantage of the opportunity to bare my pale porcelain legs one last time. i naturally dress more casual on the weekend because i'm in relaxation mode. not that i dress up during the week much, but i almost always reach for leggings and oversized sweaters on Saturdays. while a dress may be naturally a bit "fancier", i tomboy'd it out with a flannel, rain boots, and my favorite fall jacket. 

i had a first this weekend, too! i attended my first-ever improv show and loved it. one of my friend's from small group is very active in the improv community in the city, so i finally was able to go see her perform. it was so fun to see her in her element and just soak in all the talent of her group. there are plenty of things in the world that i would be bad at, but improv is one of those things that i would be so, so horrible at. like, it gives me anxiety just thinking about what i would do if someone called me up on-stage. while i can think quickly when it comes to a sassy remark to Mike or my sister, improvising an entire 30 minute skit off of one question posed by an audience-member would have me in the fetal position. it's always so cool to me to experience the talent of other people, but even more when it's something that i could never do. 

the rest of the weekend was relaxing, including a nice long nap on Saturday. 

question: is there anything better than getting back into bed on a weekend day? 

answer: no

dress: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (similar) | flannel: H&M (similar) | jacket: Marshall's (similar / similar) | boots: Hunter | bag: Kate Spade | necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie | cuffs: Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)

photos by Christina Shelley

Recipe \\ Brat Burger Sliders

the NFL season is upon us, which means "game day" food is basically all i want to eat on Sundays. while i'm not a huge football fan, i am a huge fan of good food, so, yes, i'm willing to spend up to 3 hours watching a sport i don't really understand or care about to eat the snacks. i've teamed up with my friend Lindsay, who writes the food blog, Cooking In Pearls, to bring you guys some game day recipes that are easy enough to whip up just before the game or during halftime. 

this first one is a personal favorite because it's something that you maybe haven't seen many other places. whether or not i were a brat fan, i will eat just about anything when you put caramelized onions and spicy mustard on pretzel buns. because pretzel buns.  these sliders are delicious and sure to be a football-viewers favorite new game day snack! 

here's what you'll need: 

brat sliders:
 1 1/2 pounds Brats, raw 
 8-10 Pretzel buns, mini 
 1/4 cup Dijon mustard 
 salt and pepper, to taste 
 1 cup Caramelized onions (recipe to follow) 
 *Cheese, optional 
 *Beer cheese sauce, optional 

caramelized onions:
1/2 stick butter
1 large yellow onion, thinly sliced
1 can beer
salt and pepper, to taste
for the caramelized onions:
> melt butter over medium heat in a sauté pan and toss in your onions
> lower the heat to medium-low, stirring onions while they slowly sauté
> once onions are slightly golden, pour in about 1/2 beer and simmer lightly for about 15 minutes
> turn down heat to low and let them slowly caramelize, adding more beer if they look too dry
> season with salt and pepper

after about 35-40 minutes, the onions should be an amber color and sweet, almost jammy in flavor. you can add fresh thyme or any herb for more depth and richness! 

for the brat sliders:
> remove the brat from its casing and cut in half
> form each half into very thin, young patties and set aside
> preheat your grill or grill-pan
> season the brat patties with salt and pepper, generously. place on the grill and cook for 2 minutes on each side, or until the brat is just cooked through
> meanwhile, slice your pretzel buns (you can toast them, too!)
> spread each side of the bun with mustard and top with your brat burger. add a slice of cheese if you want, go wild!
> take a generous scoop of the caramelized onions (oh, the aroma! smells like a day at the ball park!) and top your burger with them
> from here, you can add ketchup, a slice of tomato, relish, or a warm drizzle of beer cheese sauce...yum! 

and there you have it! a brat meets a slider and it's perfect for game day. 


so, now that your mouth is watering and your stomach grumbling, go ahead and make out your grocery list for the weekend, making sure to include brats and pretzel buns. 

happy weekend! and go _____(whichever team you root for)_____!

Plaid x Fur


mayday, mayday. coming up for air. 

i've been a busy little bee, buzzing around my office working hard on prepping some things for the holiday season. but, i had to share this with you.

i spotted this sweater/jacket (or swacket, as i like to call it) at Evereve and immediately thought of at least 7 ways that i could wear it this fall and winter. once i put it on and realized that it was also very warm and comfortable, it was mine. i can't promise that one of the ways doesn't include pajamas, but that's just because i want to wear it at every single turn. 

it will also come in handy this week as i'm working on fighting off my first cold of the season. here's to bundling up, drinking my weight in tea, and popping Vitamin C like it is nobody's business.  

button-up: H&M (similar) | jacket: Evereve | jeans: ZARA (similar) | bag: Kate Spade | booties: Franco Sarto via DSW | bracelets: Elisabeth Ashlie | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie