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i’ve always been a pretty organized person. growing up, i’d spend hours in my room rearranging my furniture, cleaning out my drawers, and making sure everything was ‘just right’. while organizing can be overwhelming to some, i find it relaxing and enjoyable. when my desk or room is cluttered, so is my brain, so i like to stay as organized as possible at all times. below are a few of my favorite ways to keep everything put together but still decorative. 

galvanized wall organizer || Target
i’ve always loved the look of galvanized metal and this wall organizer is no exception. perfect for holding mail, magazines, gloves, cute notepads, or whatever else you need to store. plus, it would work well on a gallery wall! 
glass boxes || Hobby Lobby or Anthropologie 
my mom actually gifted me a few of the boxes from Hobby Lobby for Christmas and i couldn’t be happier to have more! i love this type of box for storing little things, like cards, washi tape, gift wrap, and chargers. they can easily transition for holiday decor, like adding christmas ornaments, candy hearts, or confetti, and displaying on a counter top or coffee table.
pencil holder || Anthropologie
i have a drawer organizer that holds most of my pens and pencils, but i like to keep a few on my desktop for quick notes or on-the-go purposes. plus, this one can double as a makeup brush holder! 
washi tape || Paper Source
weirdly, i find myself using tape a lot when i’m working at my desk. whether it’s to wrap up jewelry, close a card, or something else random, i’m always reaching for tape. it doesn’t hurt that this type of tape is cute instead of the boring clear stuff 😉
desktop candle || World Market
i’ve gotten into the habit of lighting a candle as soon as i wake up in the morning. there’s something about filling my room with a nice aroma that’s calming and peaceful. 
mini cat calendar || Paper Source
i was given this calendar as a gift for my birthday and i love it! while it’s obviously not the most functional thing in the world (you can’t write on it), i use it to quickly glance at the date. and it’s better than having a full-size cat sitting on my desk. 
metal + leather boxes || Ikea
i have quite a few closed storage boxes in my workspace area for the less-than-pretty things that i don’t need visible. i love the mix of galvanized metal with the leather straps on these. you can never have too many storage boxes, if you ask me! 
weekly planner mousepad || Rifle Paper Co
this mousepad is one of my favorite things on my desk. i love being able to plan out my week and see it everyday when i’m at my computer. it’s great for jotting down blog posts, appointments, and other reminders.
dotted file folders || Kate Spade via Paper Source
keeping receipts can get messy and chaotic, so i’ve learned to use file folders to keep all of my relevant documents and paperwork organized and accessible. 
small clock || Target
what is the point of being organized if you’re not on time? 😉
magazine files || Ikea 
i like to keep inspiring magazines on my desktop for times when i need a little creative jolt. these are also great for holding cards! (i’m a card-hoarder, so i have one that’s just full of them.)
not pictured: a bowl of york peppermint patties and rolo’s. no explanation necessary. 

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  1. Great ideas! Love your blog, too!

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  2. Gwen F wrote:

    Cute ideas!

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