Saturday Style | 05

(actually, i wore this outfit on sunday. shhh, don’t tell my post title.)
Mike made a quick trip into the city on Saturday to start burning through our pile of restaurant gift cards we received for Christmas. i wasn’t sure when he’d get to my apartment, so i started getting ready to go out with what i thought was enough time before he’d arrive, only to hear the house phone  ring (yes, we’re old school like that. actually, it’s the only way to buzz someone into the building), which let me know that he was already downstairs.
i let him in and continued to get ready in the bathroom, feeling very blah about my hair. i had straightened it, thinking i’d try something different than the norm, but immediately regretted it. i was mentally calculating how much time i had and how long it would take me to redo it when i stepped out of the bathroom to, ‘ohhhh you look so cute with your hair like that! you should always do it like that!’ 
and then i resolved to only ever wear my hair straight*. because a reaction like that deserves some recognition. and a kiss or two. 
and then we devoured some delicious food and i tried to tie his boot for him in public and ended up turning his cheeks a very deep shade of red. oops. if i weren’t laughing so hard at the sight of his dismay, i would’ve maybe felt the tiniest bit of guilt for embarrassing him.
*okay, probably not entirely true, but it will be attempted more often.

sweater | H&M

leggings | J.Crew Factory 
vest | J.Crew Factory (similar)
scarf | ZARA
boots | Hunters
bangles | Elisabeth Ashlie
watch | c/o Daniel Wellington
lips | Poppy by Bite 

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  1. Lauren wrote:

    The light in your apartment make your pictures look extra good. 🙂

    Posted 1.6.15 Reply
  2. Love the dark colors and contrasts of this outfit!

    Posted 1.6.15 Reply

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