Bordeaux Plaid

white pants in February…this is just killing some of you, i know it. i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, i don’t really believe in ‘fashion rules’. i think you should wear whatever you want whenever you want. and, so, here i am wearing white (well) after labor day. i love white pants during the winter time. they can be warm-weatherish, yes, but you can also winterize them with the right colors, patterns and textures that you pair them with. like, say, plaid, animal print, and bordeaux. the white pants are basically the snow of the outfit. okay, i’m reaching…
separately, it’s Friday and i’m really thrilled about that. the newest season of House of Cards is available and, as soon as the clock strikes 5pm, i will be in my bed with wine watching until my eyes cannot stay open any longer. which, let’s be honest, will probably be like 8:30pm. #grandmotherstatus

top | Topshop
pants | Target
flats | Target
scarf | ZARA (similar)
belt | Target

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