Stripes + Ripped Jeans

and the countdown to the weekend begins! 
i’m particularly excited for this weekend because Mike’s birthday is on sunday! the first year of dating, we were long distance and didn’t get to spend birthdays together. i happen to really love birthdays, so it bummed me out that i didn’t get to celebrate him on his actual day. one of my favorite things about being living closer to each other is being able to do things like this together. and the whole not having to get on an airplane to see each other thing is nice. we’re not doing gifts, so i’m going to be spending some time today making some of his favorite treats and planning something a bit more special for sunday. if i didn’t know any better, i’d say that i’m more excited for his birthday than even he is. i totally am.

in separate news, one of my favorite casual outfits to wear these days is some version of this. i love a soft and loose top with ripped jeans and minimal accessories. it’s cool and laid-back but could definitely be worn out in public, which i can’t say about a lot of other outfits i wear when i’m working from my apartment all day. so, it’s a win win. 

tunic | Evereve (similar)
jeans | ZARA
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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