i love thinking about the details of things. i like having the candle on the coffee table just so, my pillows fluffed just like that, and every single hair on my head just in place. obviously, with life, having things ‘perfect’ isn’t realistic, like ever. but i can strive for my idea of it, right? i like things a certain way and that usually comes down to the tiniest details. 
i take the same approach when it comes to picking out an outfit. big picture: what am i going to wear on top and bottom? small picture: which shoes, accessories, and jewelry can i add that will make this whole thing look and feel how i want it to? from a layer of black lace under my striped tee to add some texture and depth to my outfit, to my necklace and lip color complementing each other. some of you may think it’s a bit…neurotic? too much? to think of the smallest details, but that’s the most fun part! picking out the stud earrings that you probably won’t even see and the right wallet to go with my bag? cheap thrills, i tell ya. there’s something in paying attention to those details that allows me to feel put together and thought-out, even if it takes a couple minutes to throw it all together. 
an easy way to take a look to ‘the next level’ is to think about those small details. it allows you to use your clothes in more than one way (think: dressing something up versus dressing it down) and it helps you to create an outfit versus being just clothes on your body. it’s something that helps me to take that over-worn, under-loved top out of my closet and put it on one more time because i can see it in a different light. i could throw this tee on with ripped boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and a messy bun for a casual weekend look, or switch for black jeans, wedges, a bold red lip, and a statement earring for a night out. it’s still the same striped tee, but it can look totally different depending on the details around it. 
and that is what i love about details. they can change the entire look of something. even if they go unnoticed, i’m always glad when i’ve thought through something as small as the rings i put on my fingers or as big as the shoes i pair with my outfit. 
details. they may the world go ’round. or maybe just mine 😉

tee | H&M
lace top | H&M (old)
jeans | ZARA
flats | DSW
bag | Fossil (similar)
necklace | Kate Spade (old)

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