Easy Spring Nail Tutorial

one of the easiest ways for me to feel like i have things somewhat together is to polish my nails. typically, it’s some shade of grey, but sometimes i’ll branch out and get a little more creative with them. with spring just around the corner, i’m drawn to lighter colors and bolder looks. i stopped by my local Sally Beauty Supply to pick up a few colors for a new look. if you’ve never been, Sally Beauty has a wonderfully large wall of all different nail colors (more than 750!) and great brands. i settled on You’re Blushing by Orly, Mod About You by OPI, and Degas Look At This! by FingerPaints. FingerPaints is exclusive to Sally Beauty and they boast a wide range of colors, including great metallics! 

i knew i wanted to do something pretty simple and easy with just a little accent of fun. here’s a quick step-by-step: 
i started by prepping my nails with some cuticle removal, filing, and a base coat. 
starting with OPI Mod About You, i did the base for my nails. 
to get the diagonal line for my accent nail, i used a toothpick to score the polish. it’s easier to score if the polish is still a bit tacky and not completely dried. 
then it was time for Orly You’re Blushing to polish the area above the score on my accent nail.

i loved how these colors complemented each other and, if i had more patience, i would’ve done the two-tone look on every nail. 
to add a little more, i used the FingerPaints color to free-hand a curved line over the original scoring. 

i liked the artistic look of a freely drawn line, but you could certainly use tape or some serious precision to get a straighter line. polka dots would also be cute! 
once the polish dried, i applied a top coat and was good to go! 
how can you go wrong with pretty pinks and a metallic accent? the ease of this style of polishing makes it a perfect addition to your spring-inspired looks! 

disclosure || this post was sponsored by Sally Beauty through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. while i was compensated to write a post about Sally Beauty, all opinions are my own. 

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