Grey + Pastels

surely, you guys know by now that pretty much everyone that lives in an even moderately cold climate is ready for Spring, right? actually, i think everyone everywhere is ready for Spring. i’m right there with them. it’s just time. while the frost clings all the things outside, i play dress up inside and pretend like it’s 50 degrees with fresh flowers blooming all around. 
i’m hoping that it never becomes inappropriate for me to take a spring break trip. even though i’ve been off of an academic calendar for a couple years, i always have this idea in the back of my head that i should take a long weekend off of life and go somewhere warm in the Spring. it’s become more difficult since i don’t get a week off from all responsibility anymore, but Mike is taking care of that for me this year. he has 3 weeks off from his program so we’re headed south for a little getaway! i cannot wait. we’re going to stop in Raleigh to hang with my sister and her family for a few days, and then the plan (right now) is to drive down to Charleston, SC for a couple days. he was looking for warm(er) weather and to be close to the ocean and i love to explore a new city, so Charleston seemed like the perfect option. 
naturally, no less than 2 weeks before we even leave, i’ve already started thinking about what i should pack. it’s a sickness, i tell you. i’m just so excited to plan for a warmer climate! so i’ve been digging out all my light colored clothes and my favorite flats to put some outfits together and it’s got me tricked into thinking that i can wear them all now. so…this:

top | Old Navy
cardigan | Target
pants | Gap (similar)
flats | Target (similar)
bag | Rebecca Minkoff (similar)
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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  1. I love this outfit! Sounds like a fun trip! We just got another snow storm in TEXAS (super weird) so I'm so ready for the warmer weather!


    Posted 3.5.15 Reply
  2. Yes! This may be my favorite outfit. LOVING the pastel mixing.

    Posted 3.5.15 Reply

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