Saturday Style | 08

this poncho is one of those things that sat in my closet for well over a year before i realized how much i liked it. i wore it a couple times when i first got it, but could not, for the life of me, figure out a way to style it that i felt comfortable in. so it was folded up and tucked into the corner in my pile of ‘i like this but don’t know how to wear it so i’ll stick it here and come back to it in a couple months’ clothes. and then i came back to it and now were here. thrilling story, right?
some Saturdays i like to pull that pile of clothes out to try to find ways to wear those items, so as to make full use of my closet. if after a couple attempts i’m still coming up empty, it goes into the pile of clothes that i’m going to donate/give to a friend. this poncho just narrowly missed that second pile and i’m glad it did!
know what else i’m glad for? that it’s March, which means were one tiny step closer to Spring and being able to put away my winter wardrobe. also, for relaxing weekends spent doing very little, homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and learning to play Yahtzee for the very first time (over the weekend). i know, i know, it’s a travesty that i’d never played before! then again, one of my roommates has never seen Forrest Gump, so i feel less bad about my lack of game-playing variety.

tank | Target
poncho | similar
jeans | Calvin Klien
bag | Coach
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
earrings | Rodale’s

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