The Skirt Trick

…kinda like a hat trick, but with a skirt. 
if yesterday’s post totally convinced you that this grey dress is perfect for spring, i’m here to convince you that it is also perfect for fall/winter. we’re still in that awkward sorta-spring-but-still-pretty-chilly phase in Chicago, so i’m having to get creative with how i wear my spring clothes without freezing my rear off. an easy way? throw your favorite knit over your favorite new dress! 
the skirt and sweater illusion is one of my favorites because i love the look of a skirt but generally hate wearing them. i find them to be incredibly uncomfortable, always having to adjust them here or pull them there. i don’t like wearing things that i have to continually think about, so skirts tend to take a back-burner to just about anything else. but this little trick of turning a dress into (looking like) a skirt gives me the best of both worlds. 
separately, i had a dream last night that i forgot to pack basically all of the essentials for my trip, like toothpaste, socks, pajamas. you know, things that matter when you’re away from home. so, i’m going to be making a list and checking it five times just to be sure that i don’t forget anything. i’m that girl that gets in the car and starts traveling to my destination only to have it hit me what i’ve forgotten something that seems to essential to my everyday routine that i can’t even believe i’ve forgotten it. oh, you do that, too? great. 
also, if you’re feelin’ lucky, there’s a giveaway going on over on Instagram for a killer necklace from Stella & Dot. you should go enter.

dress | Target
sweater | Madewell
boots | Target
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
clutch | Anthropologie

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