Cocktail Hour | Blackberry Greyhound

one of my favorite fruits is grapefruit. if i’m being real honest, i started loving grapefruit because of those sour grapefruit triangles you can buy at a candy shop. it wasn’t until probably 2 years ago that i ate an actual grapefruit. even still, it was basically covered in sugar because that’s the best way to eat them, am i right? ::nods in agreement::

i don’t have a “signature drink” that i like to order or make, but if i see something with grapefruit on a menu, i’m ordering it. unless there’s also something with waffles. because waffles trump everything. i discovered the classic greyhound a few years ago and wanted to add a little sweet and fruity twist since i also love blackberries and sugar. see, it all comes together in the end. this is the perfect cocktail (or make it a mocktail!) for summer and certainly not the last time i’ll be making them. 

what you’ll need:
 6-7 oz. of grapefruit juice
1.5 oz. of vodka
fresh blackberries
fresh grapefruit 
sugar (for rim) 
:::makes one cocktail:::
+ start by dipping the rim of your glass into half of the grapefruit and then into a bowl of sugar to sweeten up the rim
+ next, add 5-6 blackberries to the glass and mash with a spatula or fork 
(if you don’t want blackberry pieces in your drink, you can mash the blackberries in a very fine strainer to get the juice and lose the the pieces!)
+ add grapefruit juice and vodka. stir. 
+ add some ice and garnish with a slice of grapefruit
+ enjoy! 
make it a mocktail:
substitute vodka for sparkling water, lemonade, or just leave it out! 


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