Crushin’ On Ice Blue

there’s always (at least) one color every season that i can’t seem to get enough of. in the summer, it was blush pink. fall was heather grey, which may or may no actually count as a color. this winter, it was that beautiful, deep shade of red, also known as bordeaux or pinot. the spring, you ask? it’s ice blue, baby. it’s like every time i walk into a store, my eyes scan quickly to find it and everything else in the store fades…must get blue things…must get blue everything. whether it’s clothes, nail polish, or home accessories, i’m craving it. if i had absolutely no self-restraint and a money tree, my apartment would probably be redone to be all ice blue. my feelings are that strong. 
not only is it so dang pleasing on the eyes, it’s basically a neutral. and having ‘my color’ be a neutral is great news for me since that means that my odds of wearing it are significantly higher. it pairs beautifully with crisp white, heather or charcoal grey, and mint. (and probably many others).  
dress | H&M
earrings | BaubleBar
bangle | LOFT
pouf | Target
latte bowls | Anthropologie

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