Saturday Style | 14

another weekend in the books! this weekend went by particularly fast, probably because Mike and i seemed to be out and about more than we had been during the hibernation months of winter. most of my friday night was spent working, but saturday and sunday were two full days with my man. i introduced him to the deliciousness of Pastoral, one of my favorite spots in my neighborhood. i’d tried to get him to go there with me before, but hadn’t described the sandwiches well enough so he was skeptical. who knew i couldn’t describe a sandwich?!  it was some confusion between the true definition of a “sub sandwich” and i lost. however, he’s finally seen the light and i’m pretty thrilled because that means there’s a lot more caprese sandwiches in my future. 
sunday was spent doing a little shopping – the man is in need of some jeans – with very little success. well, he got a pack of new socks, so i guess that’s a success? he seemed pretty pleased. and he talked me out of a pair of Nike’s that i was this close to pulling the trigger on, until he pointed out that they made my feet look a little bit like clown feet (in the sweetest way possible) and i agreed, so we both left empty-handed…not my finest show of my shopping skills, that’s for sure. 
and here we are at the start of a new week! i’ve got a laundry list a mile long of things i need to get done over the next three days before heading down south to spend some time with my sister and cute nephews, so i’ll leave you with my new weekend uniform: 

jeans | J.Crew (old)
tee | H&M
vest | H&M (similar here or here)
loafers | Coach via Marshall’s
bag | J.Crew
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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  1. Very cozy outfit, you look great:)

    mynameiskristina blog // bloglovin

    Posted 4.20.15 Reply

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