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wedding season is officially upon us, ladies. (i’d say folks, but the only man looking at this page is my boyfriend. oh wait…no, he stopped reading it a long time ago. the romance is officially dead. and i’m not bitter about it at all.) 
anyway, weddings! they’re starting! Mike and i have two that we’re attending this summer, one in June and another in August, so i’ve already started thinking about what i’m going to wear. i have that kind of luck where i can’t find anything in stores for a particular event when i start looking. it’s like all of the retailers i shop at get together and say, “hey, i hear she might need a dress for something. let’s make the most ill-fitting, unflattering dresses and make her shop for weeks with no luck”. so, i’ve learned to buy a good dress when i find it, whether or not i have an immediate need for it. this dress falls into that category, so i’m set for the June wedding, at least. 
as you can maybe assume, i don’t get dressed up too often. if i get dressed during the week, it’s almost always in workout clothes. sometimes i’ll put together a ‘real people’ outfit if i’m running errands or going to do some work at a coffee shop, but that’s maybe once a week. so yeah, not much dressing up is happening. BUT when i do find myself wanting to wear something like a dress, i like to pair it with slightly less-expected accessories. this linen dress is feminine and sweet – the soft color, the cutout detail in the back, the bow belt, the ever-present wrinkles…oh wait. (linen, by the way, is the worst. you just look at it and it wrinkles.) to offset some of the girly-ness, i picked this moto jacket, some chunky statement necklaces, and a pair of black heels to add a little edge. i love mixing and matching styles like this. it’s fun to change things up! and it makes this dress real easy to wear to more than one wedding or event because it can look totally different depending on how it’s styled. 
and that, my friends, is a win in my book.

dress | LOFT
jacket | Banana Republic
necklaces | Target and Stella & Dot
bag | Rebecca Minkoff (marble is out of stock, but these are other colors)
heels | old as the hills. and no, that’s not a brand name 😉

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  1. Amazing outfit, I like your bag:)


    mynameiskristina blog // bloglovin

    Posted 5.14.15 Reply

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