one of my serious shopping weaknesses is paper products. they get me every time. whether i'm browsing a specialty store or discount store, i will find my way to the paper goods section and i will consider buying at least one item. since i have an overflowing amount of notepads and notebooks, i'm on a "look but don't buy" kick, but i could. ohhh, i could buy all the paper goods. 

one thing i won't pass up? cards. i remember that my mom used to have an entire cabinet full of gifts and cards that she could go to in emergency situations. whether she was reminded of a birthday coming up, an anniversary, or something like a friend getting a new job, she always had something on hand that she could pull out of that magical cabinet and personalize for the recipient. i loved that cabinet. 

i've become the same way with cards. i have a box full of blank cards that can be used for anything. i still believe there's a lot of power in sending an actual birthday card to people, instead of just a quick birthday text or social media shout-out. putting pen to paper and wishing them a happy day or just letting them know that i'm thinking of them - it's important to me! 

when i heard about Primrose Post, i knew i would love it. as a small biz owner myself, i love the story of two friends coming together and creating something that they love. not only are the cards they create so dang beautiful, they're also limited edition, which makes them even more unique. the cards come in packs of four for different occasions:
i have quite a few bridal showers and weddings coming up this summer, so the wedding season pack is going to be used up, for sure! 
the most versatile pack is the emergency pack. it's all in the name - cards for pretty much any occasion just when you need them. birthdays, graduations, promotions, loss, just because...almost anything can be celebrated or shared with one of these cards.
the thank you pack is a pack of 4 beautiful 'thank you' cards that are the prettiest shade of coral (for now!). there's something about sending a handwritten thank you card that is intentional and meaningful. add that fact that they're beautiful, and this pack is a winner! 
okay, so you're totally convinced that you need some Primrose Post in your life, right? right. well, you're in luck! Primrose Post is giving away all three packs to THREE lucky winners! 
to enter to win all three of the packs, leave a comment here about what types of cards you'd like to see in future packs! graduation, new home - anything! word is that a 'baby' pack is coming this summer - perfect for pregnancy announcements, baby showers, and meeting the new babe!

you can also enter on Instagram and Twitter! be sure to enter by Thursday at midnight!