sneakers are one of my favorite types of shoes to wear. in fact, i would maybe even say that they're my favorite. i'm usually dressed pretty casually, so i can just add a pair of sneakers to finish my outfit. what i love about slip-on sneakers (like the top row) is that they feel a little more special than lace-ups. especially with details like a semi-pointed toe or leather material, you can use them to balance a slightly fancier outfit with a bit more function. i have a pair of nike's with some pops of color that i love to wear with the classic jeans-and-a-tee when running errands or traveling through the airport. the sneakers with color are fun to add something to an otherwise simple outfit. i definitely utilize the classics the most. i actually have a pair of black nike's, grey reebok's, and the same converse slip-on's that i wear most frequently. whether running errands, going out for lunch, or whatever else, i use these classics. 

top // left | center | right
middle // left | center | right
bottom // left | center | right

some ways to wear sneakers:
> slip-ons look great with a casual summer dress or distressed boyfriend jeans
> the colorful sneakers are fun with a monochromatic outfit or all black
> the classics are great for every occasion. i most often wear them with my workout clothes (even if i'm not going to the gym) and skinny jeans

are you a sneaker wearer?