Sweater Weather

if i had to pick a favorite type of weather, it would be sweater weather, for sure. if a cozy knit sweater, denim shorts, and some simple accessories could be worn everyday, i’d be perfectly content with that. know what i would also be perfectly content with? not having a big “catch up on all things LIFE” upon returning home from traveling. that was yesterday for me. my brain didn’t quite make the switch from vacation to work mode overnight, so it was a bit of a struggle. it’s like i needed a vacation from my vacation to get me back into the swing of my routine. 
speaking of routine, why is it so darn hard to get back into a routine once you’ve gotten out of it? i had a real nice thing goin’ with early mornings and getting to the gym almost every day before i left and now the thought of either of those things puts me to sleep. i guess it’s sort of like ripping off a bandaid. the first couple days may hurt, but then i’ll feel back to normal and back into my routine. it’s just a matter of not hitting the snooze three times (which i did this morning) and slipping on those gym shoes. i may just keep the bandaid on a couple days longer…

sweater | H&M
shorts | Levi’s
sandals | Target
bag | J.Crew
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
rings | Sole Society
bracelets | Elisabeth Ashlie

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