one of my favorite things to do when i have a guest coming to visit is to personalize my space a bit for them. since i don't yet have a guest bedroom or bathroom, i try to get creative with my own space of the apartment to make my guests feel welcome and comfortable. the easiest room to do this in is the bathroom - it's also the most fun, if you ask me! here are a few ways to prepare your bathroom for guests:

- add some fresh flowers and a scented candle + matchbook (or lighter) -- the scents can go a long way in taking the bathroom smell out of the bathroom, if you know what i'm sayin'
jar: Hobby Lobby

- a fun option is to add a couple of your favorite nail polishes and some nail polish remover. i don't typically bring polish or remover with me when i travel, so i would love to find this in a guest bathroom!

- a thoughtful and useful idea is to provide some travel-size essentials of products, like toothpaste, face wash, and dry shampoo. i seem to hoard sample-sizes, so i added lots of other things like perfume, body wash, and a face mask treatment.
glass box: Anthropologie

print: Rifle Paper Co.

- laying out a clean hand towel with a fresh bar of soap gives a little bit of a luxurious feel, like your guest is staying in a hotel. who doesn't want to be treated to a little luxury every once in awhile?
hand towel, soap: Anthropologie, dish: Target

- something else i always forget or run out of when traveling is hair ties and clips, so i like to put some out in case my guest is anything like my forgetful self.
dish: Anthropologie (similar), hair ties: Elisabeth Ashlie

- fresh bath towels are probably a given, but i bet the complimentary eye mask isn't ;) that one is maybe just a personal preference thing, but i know that i sleep way better in a new place if i have an eye mask, so why not offer it?!
towels: Anthropologie + Home Goods, eye mask: West Elm

just those few, easy adjustments to your bathroom are sure to make any guest feel at-home in your home.