Saturday Style | 18

i woke up this morning a little extra fatigued because i stayed up well past my normal bedtime to watch the final episodes of Gossip Girl. i started watching the show a few years back, but never got around to finishing it until just last night. there are very few things that i will stay up late for anymore and, apparently, watching Gossip Girl is one of them. #illprobablyregretitlater
there were two things i noticed about these photos as i was editing them yesterday – warm-weather clothes + frizzy hair…that must mean it’s summer. seeing as i’ve already stored away all but a few of my winter clothes, i’m in full-on summer dressing mode. i truly forgot how much easier it is to get dressed for warmer climates. it takes one dress or a top and shorts and that’s it. no layering, picking out a coat, deciding which scarf, searching for your warmest socks. none of it. and it is glorious. 
one of my favorite weekend wear outfits is something like this. a comfortable top, my favorite sneakers, and some fun accessories. i could do with out the extra frizz courtesy of the rain we had just minutes before stepping outside, though. 
another confession? Mike and i popped into the American Eagle Factory Store at the outlet mall while in SC because men’s jeans were on major sale and he was in the market. obviously, i’ll never turn down the opportunity to browse a store, even if it’s one that i was pretty sure i wouldn’t buy anything from. well, i was wrong. dead wrong. i walked out with several items, including this top in 3 different colors because that’s what i do. who needs variety when you have the most comfortable top in the world? i wish they were available online because i would tell you all to buy at least three. alas, you may just have to pop into an outlet store if you’re close by and see if you can get your hands on one. they were also like $12, so it was a no-brainer. 

top | American Eagle Factory (similar)

shorts | LOFT (similar)
sneakers | KicksUSA c/o
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
rings | Sole Society
bag | Rebecca Minkoff
nails | Saltwater Happy by Essie

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