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this past weekend was spent exclusively on ‘aunt duty’. i stayed at my parents’ house in the suburbs to help take care of my nephews while my sister was back home trying to move into her new house. it was fun and crazy and exhausting. like, on a whole different level. as in, i got about 3 hours of sleep the night before and then worked off of a 4-month old’s schedule the entire next day. i will say this, with as much time as i’ve spent helping out with the boys, i never truly got a glimpse into what my sister (and all other mom’s/dad’s/baby caretakers) goes through on a daily basis until that day. it takes all your energy and strength and patience and all the other things and i only did it for one whole day. i can also see the rewards and why it’s worth it, because every smile and laugh that Luke gave me during the day made me forget about my fatigue and the spit up on my clothes for just a minute and bask in the beauty of a happy baby. i would consider it a good day and truly did enjoy going through the whole day with Luke. it also helps that he’s pretty darn cute. and reminds me of just how incredibly grateful i am for those two boys and the fact that i get to see them as often as i do.
anyway, while going through motherhood bootcamp/any other time i’m with my nephews, i wear something to this effect. let’s be honest, every weekend, whether or not there are kids around, i wear something to this effect. because, why not?
tank | Nike
shorts | H&M
sports bra | Athleta
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie
earrings | Elisabeth Ashlie
lip balm | Sephora
sneakers | Nike via Zappo’s

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  1. 6.15.15

    That's so nice of you to help out! I read your sisters blog too and moving is pretty exciting but super hard to do without help. I love the outfit!

    Kim .. WANDERLUST?!