Black + Lace

i’ve been busy prepping for an Etsy Showcase that i’m participating in tomorrow night at a local bar/restaurant and am so excited for it! when my sister and i started our business 5 years ago, i never thought that i would still be doing it today, or that i would be my full-time job! it’s crazy! we used to do craft shows and things together, which we loved, so this will be my first time having a table at a show by myself. i’m mostly excited, but also a bit nervous about it. because i haven’t done this event before, i have no expectations and no way to even predict what it will be like. i’m hoping people come ready to shop, but you never know if they will like what you have, so there’s risk there. i’m also really hoping that i don’t have any technology failures while i’m trying to ring people up, because you know it will all work perfectly right up until the second that you actually need it to work.
Mike has graciously offered to join me in helping man the table, which i’m so thankful for! it will be less intimidating, too. like when you have to give a presentation in school or at work, it’s way easier to stand up there with someone else than it is by yourself. but i’m really excited to meet some new people and show my work to a whole new crowd of people! it’s like introducing my baby to a group of strangers. except my baby is something that they can buy from me, so that’s maybe a little weird. whatever. 
most importantly, i still don’t know what i’m going to wear! maybe a simple black dress so that my jewels will stand out? or maybe i’ll wear something like this:

top | Nordstrom Rack (similar)
wedges | Jessica Simpson 
bag | Dooney & Bourke (similar)
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)

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