Saturday Style | 24

it was a big weekend around these parts! well, really just a big friday, full of exciting news! 
my roommate and i did a little apartment shopping earlier in the week and absolutely fell in love with one of the places. it has some of the great character that our current place has, like a brick fireplace, beams on the ceiling, and a french door, plus some of the extra things we were looking for, like a place for me to set up a workspace that isn’t in my bedroom, a deck, and in-unit laundry. yes. IN-UNIT LAUNDRY. we were pretty sold on the place when we first walked through before finding out that little detail, but were ready to sign on the dotted line once those precious words were uttered. that is a true gem to find in the city, so we’re thrilled! applications were in, fees were paid, and we were anxiously awaiting to hear whether or not we had been approved…

meanwhile, Mike had his first interview in the city for his first big-boy job on friday afternoon. he got the interview maybe 2 days after starting to apply and just one day before he was scheduled to meet with the place, which is quick! he wasn’t sure if he would like the place and we were both sort of looking at this as a “practice interview”. you know, he could get a feel for the types of questions they would ask, get his feet wet in the interview world, no real pressure since it happened so quickly. since he was going to be in the city, we planned to meet up afterward for lunch, so i hopped on the bus shortly after it started so that i would be in the area when he finished up. we planned to meet in a park that was about halfway between where we were coming from and where we were going, so when i got there and didn’t see him, i started to worry (#whatwillibelikewithkids). i continued to the restaurant and began calling him like a crazed person. on the third attempt, he finally picked up and said he was on his way. whew! he’s still alive. he got to the restaurant, we put our name in, found a seat, and then i was able to ask about the interview. after a bit of a pause, he turns to me, totally casual, and says, 
“well, guess who got a job?”
“wait, what?! you got a job?!!”

i was shocked! not because he was offered a position, but that it all happened so quickly! we’ve both been looking forward to this (admittedly, him more) for so long because that means that he can move into the city and we can finally live in the same zip code for the first time in 3 years. he gave me all the details, told me about the interview, and we talked through the whole offer. i am so stinkin’ proud of him for the work that he’s put in over the last few years to get to this point and cannot wait for him (and us) to start this next chapter! 
shortly after i returned home from lunch, i received that blessed email that said we had been approved for the apartment! so it’s been kind of a whirlwind weekend filling out paperwork, making moving plans, and scouring Pinterest for all of my home decor inspiration, obviously. i can’t wait to have a new place to decorate! 

striped tank | Target

kimono | Nordstrom Rack
shorts | Gap
sandals | Franco Sarto
bangles | Kendra Scott c/o
necklace | Elisabeth Ashlie

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  1. This sounds like an amazing weekend! Congratulations to your boyfriend and on the apartment 🙂 and I love the outfit!

    Kim .. Weekend OOTD & cut your own hair!

    Posted 7.27.15 Reply

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