Summer Favorites

already halfway through the summer…how is that possible?!?! it’s madness, i tell you. as with every season, i tend to have my 5-10 favorite things that i use the life out of. and so, i’m sharing them with you today because, well, maybe you’ll love them, too? or you’re just trying to distract yourself while sitting at your desk at work…either way, i’ll take it. 
back to wearing the life out of things…like, for example, if you follow me on instagram, you know that i’ve worn a version of this dress many times. when i’m not wearing a dress, i’m either dressed down in distressed denim shorts and  classic v neck tee or the softest linen shorts and my favorite striped tank
since i don’t need to carry around a huge bag to hold my gloves, scarf, 724 tissues, and cold medicine, i’ve opted for a smaller crossbody that was stashed in the back of my closet. which, coincidentally, holds my favorite new tinted lip balm from Fresh. i love using bright and fun nail colors, like this one from OPI, and keeping my accessories a little more simple (with these fun studs). 
warm weather footwear is something that i have a pretty good amount of, but need to stop buying because i tend to stick with one or two sandals each summer. i love these wedges for fancier times (or to dress up my casual outfits!). i’ve worn these sandals almost every day and they’ve held up impressively well. i’ve considered stocking up for future seasons, but have yet to reach that level 😉 and i love a good pair of bright and colorful sneakers for walks along the lake, running errands, or to brighten up my around-the-house clothes during the week.
know what else is my favorite this summer? at-home smoothies (i’m on a kick right now!), sleeping with my window open, and purging my stuff. purging maybe isn’t just exclusive to summer, but i’m gearing up for a move, so i want to just get rid of EVERYTHING IN SIGHT so that i don’t have to pack. but, ya know, that’s probably not the most strategic option. instead, i’ll start tackling the packing this weekend. 
enjoy yours! 

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