Swoon-Worthy Art Prints

one of my favorite ways to decorate my apartment is with the use of pretty art prints. i already have a decent collection of there from here and there, but i’m considering the idea of building a cohesive collection that can work well as a gallery wall. while you can really put anything you want in a gallery wall, i love the look of a monochromatic or very minimally-colored one so as to not distract from everything else in the room. i love how this looks above the bed. since my headboard is pretty short, i’m leaning towards doing something like this on the wall above it (depending on the size of the wall, of course!). my other idea is to do a big one in my workspace, wherever that may be. 
i’m leaning towards black, white and gold with some minimal color (like in the mascara print). i have quite a few knick-knack things that i can hang so that it’s not all prints, but i’ll probably want to invest in a couple prints that will fall in line with my color scheme and create a cohesive look. these may or may not all make the cut. i have a hard time saying no to things like this 😉
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

i’m really getting excited about some of the ideas that i have for the next place! while nothing is really going to change all that much, i’m looking forward to simplifying and narrowing down the look that i’m going for with the addition of a couple of things and a reorganization – to be updated as the time comes! 

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