Tribal Shorts

color! pattern! statement jewels! who am i? 
i like to call this version of myself “Summer Lauren”. and i’m kinda liking her these days. with a healthy serving of black, of course. 
after several days with my nephews, it feels good to take more than 2.3 seconds to think about what i’m going to wear for the day. that is, when i’m not just slipping into this dress. (which has happened a lot). i’m loving all the options for cute and comfortable shorts this summer. no matter how stretchy denim shorts are, they’re just not comfortable to me. don’t get me wrong, i wear them pretty frequently, but i’m wearing a lot of track shorts and soft shorts like these. they’re basically socially-acceptable pajamas. and when paired with a fancier top and some jewels? forget it. i’m wearing them everyday. because if i can feel like i’m in pajamas but look like a functioning human, i am in

top | TopShop
shorts | Old Navy
bag | Kate Spade
shoes | Nickels (similar)
necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)

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