Well, Hey!

well, hello!  it’s been a little quiet the last few days around here, which means that it has been a little bit crazy in my non-internet life! 
as i mentioned a few days ago, i was a featured jeweler in an Etsy Showcase on Wednesday night. i was a little unsure of what to expect, but had a great time! it was definitely a successful night and was really fun to get back into the world of doing shows with my jewels. i think i got the bug, so i’m looking into some more upcoming shows to participate in.
today marks exactly 4 weeks from moving day, which is insane on too many levels for me to even comprehend. i cannot believe that we’ve already been living in this place for a year. i cannot believe that we have to pack everything back up. and i cannot believe that it’s happening in just 4 short weeks. also, i started packing last night because i want plenty of time to purge things that i just don’t want/need/like anymore and my “donate” pile is already large, so…there’s that. on the flip side, i cannot wait to get into the new place and get settled. there’s something so fun about this whole that i’ll miss when i stay somewhere for longer than a year! 
my sister and i just decided yesterday to attend Create + Cultivate conference in Chicago in just two weeks. i’m so excited to spend the weekend with her and attend this event. i have a feeling i’ll be leaving really inspired and full of knowledge! 
oh, and for those that have asked about this dress: 
you can find it right here. there’s only a few sizes left, so some similar options are this, this, and this.
and that’s all she wrote, folks! hope you have a great weekend! 

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