Beauty Review: IT Cosmetics Finishing Powder

so, you should know by now that i’m obsessed with the under eye concealer from IT Cosmetics. for me, it’s an absolute must-have beauty product. no surprise here…i love their other products, too. i used to think that finishing powder was one of those things that cosmetic companies convince you that you need to have just so they can make a buck, but after trying this one, i totally see the value in it. 
it goes on super smooth, instantly adding an airbrushed look to my makeup. i’ve been using this Tarte foundation (which already gives a nice glow), adding a little bronzer and a swipe of blush, and setting it all with Bye Bye Pores Silk Anti-Aging Micro Powder. (you can buy it as a set with the brush here) i just dust a little bit of powder all over my face, making sure that it’s just a thin veil on top of my makeup. (if you use too much, you’ll know because you can see the lightness of it). it helps to fill in the gaps where my foundation has lightened up (i.e. from sweating) and evens out my coloring. 
i love how super soft it makes my skin and it’s an easy way for me to touch up during the day, especially if my makeup is starting to wear off. just a little dusting of this stuff all over revitalizes my look! if you’re in the market for a finishing powder, i definitely recommend this one! 
by the way, i’m wearing this dress (yes, i have it in three colors. GUILTY.) and this lip.  
IT Cosmetics sent me this finishing powder as a gift, but i’m sharing it with you guys because i actually do use it every day and love it! 

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