OTL | Pretty Jewelry

it should come as no surprise to you that one of my favorite ways to accessorize is using jewelry. i mean, it is my livelihood, after all. which means you better believe i have a healthy collection of necklaces, earrings, and the like. 

9 times out of 10, i reach for what would be considered a "simple" outfit. jeans, a tee or graphic top, and a sweater, if the weather allows. i rarely wear patterned tops (unless its stripes), and almost always stick with neutral colors. IM SO INTERESTING. obviously, i could use a little something to make my outfit more interesting most days, which is where the jewels come in. a layered necklace and simple studs, my favorite watch and a couple of cuff bracelets, a gemstone ring and a long pendant necklace, or any other combination that adds just enough interest to my jeans and a tee to make me feel human. 
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

i'm always on the hunt for my next favorite watch or pair of studs. these are just a few of the jewels currently on my mental shopping list. as in, if i saw any of them in a store, i would likely buy them. or at least look at them for a very long time and think about buying them. and then buying them.

happy tuesday! 

Fall Style Forecast

wait, did you hear that it's officially fall? has everyone been telling you on social media like they've been telling me? you mean you haven't seen sweaters and booties and pumpkin spice latte's galore? ohhhh, you have? ok, good, then we're on the same page. 


i'm actually quite thrilled about it because i am so, so ready for cooler weather. i just unpacked all of my sweaters and did the "fall clothes install" in my closet this week, so i'm ready to dig into those piles and start wearing them. based on last fall and what i'm already seeing in stores and loving, this is my "fall style projection" for myself this season. sort of a guide for what i'll be wearing, using, and focusing on this season. as you can see, it's full of color, which is to be expected. 

i'm seeing plenty of jewel tones, skincare, and pretty accessories in my future and i'm happy about it. 
anorak: Land's End | weekender bag: Sole Society | lip: Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum | studs: Elisabeth Ashlie | tee: Target | moisturizer: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve | scarf: Zara | bangle: Elisabeth Ashlie | grey skinnies: Banana Republic | mask: Origins Active Charcoal Mask | nail polish: OPI AmazOn AmazOFF | vest: J.Crew Factory | booties: Sole Society

what are you loving for fall?

Office Supplies

one of my favorite things to buy is office supplies. not printer ink and staplers, but the cute stuff, like storage boxes and planners. i don't like shopping for them as much as i enjoy shopping for clothes, but they're righhhhht up there. i like coming up with new ways to be organized and to continually make my office functional for me. i also like finding ways to use decorative pieces, like those glass boxes, as storage. 

as most home offices do, i have quite a bit of stuff that isn't necessarily the prettiest or workable to be "on display". think paperwork, chargers, extra printer ink, etc. i've found these fabric boxes from ikea to be life savers for things like that. i stash all of that junk in those and then can use them in my bookshelves as decor. organized AND cute? yes, please. 

i'm a serial planner/notebook buyer, but this one from Rifle Paper Co. is the only one that i've actually used for more than a month. not only is it beautiful (as all Rifle things are), but it's laid out in a way that is more functional for me and my schedule. with both monthly and weekly pages, i'm able to see my month "at a glance" and see what i have each week, which keeps me on track. honestly, i write things in there after they've already happened just so that i can use it. it's weird. 

last thing i'll say is that i love this computer stand. with the built-in drawer, it stands at the perfect height for me and allows me to stash my favorite notepads, scissors, and other things that i need within arms reach at all time. win-win-win. 
one: Rifle Paper Co. | two: Ikea - grey and cream | three: Anthropologie | four: Target | five: Sharpie via Amazon | six: West Elm - large, rectangular, square | seven: Target

Saturday Style | 28

happy monday! 

i can't believe the weekend is over already...is it me, or are they getting shorter and shorter? Mike and i have had a wonderful time exploring the DC area and spending some time with family. today is our last day, so we're hoping to make the most of it! while i can't actually wear an outfit like this since it's in the 80's, i've been dreaming about the day that i can wear my favorite leggings and an oversized sweater because...well, does it really need explanation? hello, comfort! 

these leggings seriously are the best, JSYK. (how many of you are about to google that acronym to figure out what it means? #monday)  
sweater: Topshop (i also love this one by Lou & Grey) | tank: J.Crew Factory | leggings: Nordstrom (the best EVER) | studs: Elisabeth Ashlie | watch: Daniel Wellington | nail polish: OPI My Car Has Navy-Gation | lip: Watermelon Lush Lip Tint by Bite | sneakers: Nike | bag: Aldo

Crushin' on Capes

if you've been in any stores, scanned through Pinterest, or follow any style bloggers that are already dressing for fall, you have seen that capes are e v e r y w h e r e this season. i've always been a fan of the cape, due to their versatility and how darn comfortable they are, but i can't remember a time when they were so popular. the good thing is that there are plenty of options for styles, colors, patterns, and anything else you could want. looking for aztec print? you got it. fringed hem? yep. want a hood on it? even that exists! 

i picked one up at Marshall's this week (can't beat the price!) and i've done all that i can to justify wearing it in our mid-80's temps but haven't quite been able to come up with a way that won't leave me sweating, so i'm anxiously awaiting the first day that is cool enough. you better believe i will have that cape on and i will wear it proud. 

here's a few of my favorites from around the web:
(that one from LOFT is particularly calling my name!)
top: H&M, H&M, H&M, Topshop | bottom: Old Navy, Target, LOFT, Forever 21

On Competitiveness + Style

guys, i'm in full-on half marathon training and it is no joke. a friend of mine who has run several of them made up a training guide and i'm trying so darn hard to stick to it because i want to be as prepared as possible come race day. truthfully, i'm barely competitive. i'll get mildly competitive about things that i'm good at (i.e. in a competition of who loves cats the most, i'm winning), but don't feel like i'll be all that competitive when it comes to this half. my goal is to finish it in the time limit and so that's what we're working with. 

anyway, since i'm in the thick of training, it's become especially important for me to have functional and stylish workout wear. i've been a fan of Athleta for several years now (i exclusively wear these workout tanks), but this new collaboration with Derek Lam is just over-the-top good. it's fashion meets function and i am all about it. the best part is that i can easily go from the gym to a coffee shop to get some work done without having to bring a complete change of clothes with me. i'm not usually one for matchy-matchy things, but i just couldn't resist this tank and leggings combo. not only do they look great together, but they work well as separates, too! 

and really, who doesn't love when their comfortable clothes can seamlessly transition into something that you can wear out? i love a good grey sweatshirt, especially for fall, so throwing this one on over my workout top and switching into destructed denim shorts and simple flats is a super easy way to transition from my workout. the design certainly isn't lacking in details either, which i can appreciate! 

first outfit: tank and leggings | second outfit: 2 in 1 sweatshirt

as i mentioned before, i've shopped with Athleta before and can tell you that the quality is totally worth the price. i have several pair of leggings that have held up beautifully through many washes and workouts, as well as those workout tanks that get used on a weekly basis. i'm looking forward to using these new items in my fall wardrobe and finding more fun ways to style them! 

disclosure: this post was sponsored by Athleta through their partnership with POPSUGAR. while i was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about the Derek Lam 10C Athleta collection, all opinions are my own. 

Moving: Tips, Tricks, and The One Thing You Must Do

photo via popsugar
in the past 5 years, i've moved 5 times. that's right, i'm on the one year plan. i actually don't mind it terribly, although when the time comes to pack up my apartment again after just one year, it's a bit of a different story. i've picked up some tricks and methods for things that have helped make the packing process a bit easier and the unpacking process much more organized. 

leave your clothes on their hangers
one of the rookie mistakes i made the first couple times moving was taking all of my hanging clothes off of their hangers, folding them up, packing them in a suitcase, and then having to re-hang them all after i'd moved. the box that held all of the hangers was like a life-size version of Barrel of Monkeys. i stumbled across this little tip somewhere on the internet and it completely transformed my move! keep all of your hanging clothes on their hangers. group together 20-35 of the hangers (depending on the size of your trash bag) and tape the hook part of the hangers with duct or masking tape. i typically pull the tape around the hangers a couple times, just to ensure that all of the hangers are secure. cut a slit about 1" wide at the top of the trash bag and cover over the hangers (like those plastic bags that they use at the dry cleaners). fold any hanging pieces into the bag and tie the trash bag closed. then you can just toss those bags into a box, your backseat, or a suitcase and not have to worry about losing any of the clothes or having to re-hang them! 

label your boxes, descriptively! 
this seems to obvious, but i've seen too many people move without labeling what's inside the boxes! i like to get descriptive, like "decor for living room wall" or "white bed sheets", instead of just "living room" or "bedroom". that way, when it comes time to unpack, i know exactly which boxes to start with and where they all belong. another thing i've seen people do is number the boxes and keep a detailed list of every thing that is inside the box. if you're super organized and have the time, that's a great option, too! 

use bath towels + blankets for fragile pieces
packing materials always seem to cost more than i anticipate, so an easy way to cut down on the cost of bubble wrap or protective papers is to use your bath towels, kitchen towels, sweaters, blankets, and anything else soft to wrap fragile items. i still use the bubble wrap for the kitchen boxes, but lamps, trays, larger decor items, and art all get wrapped in my clothes and towels and packed away in a box. 

assign colors to rooms
i've moved both with professional movers and without and this tricks works wonders for both ways. using colored duct tape, sticky notes, or regular markers, assign a color to each of the rooms in your new place. when you're packing up your boxes, attach the color to the outside of the moving box where the movers can see it. when you arrive on moving day, put a piece of tape (or the sticky note) on the threshold of each room, so that the movers can see it when they're walking through. that way, they can put the right boxes in the correct rooms without having to ask you where it goes or piling it all into one room. having the boxes separated for you upon move-in makes the unpacking process quite a bit less daunting and more organized. 

purge as you pack
this has to be one of the best things i've started doing in my recent moves. i'm a collector - i buy one shirt in 5 different colors, add that cute little trinket to my cart at Home Goods every single time, and buy bed linens like they are going out of style. so, i have a good amount of stuff. which means i have a lot to pack, which is the worst. so, i've gotten into the habit of purging as i pack. having to pack up all of your things is the perfect way to also take the time to look through it all and make a pile of everything you don't want/need/use. for clothes, if i haven't worn something in the past three months, it's outta here. for home decor, i tend to get sick of looking at the same thing over and over again, so if i've had it long enough that i'm tired of seeing it or it's just not going to fit in with my style in the new place, it goes in the pile. while this can make packing taking twice the time, i cannot explain to you how wonderful it felt to drop a car-full of stuff off at the Salvation Army the week before we moved. a literal weight was lifted AND i had at least 3 less boxes that needed to be unpacked. win-win. i would say that this is the single most important thing that you can do.

while packing may not be at the top of your list of things you love about moving, you can certainly make it a little less painful by using any and all of these tips! 

IG Round-Up | 01

this strange thing started happening where i have actually taken a bit of time to get ready in the morning. for a vast majority of the summer, i lived in workout clothes or easy dresses, very little makeup, and messy buns or day-old hair. in part because humidity makes any effort completely useless, and also, it was summer, so...yeah. now that i don't sweat before i even get out of the shower (that's a real thing that happened) and that my lovely assistant (for Elisabeth Ashlie) comes over a few times a week, i feel motivated to get ready most days. it's been really nice to take the time to think through my outfit and put together some new things, so i think this little routine may be here to stay.

anyway, since only about 10% of my outfits make their way into a blog post, i thought i'd share a little instagram round-up of my recent looks, in case you're interested in any of the things i'm wearing! as always, i use liketoknow.it on my IG's, but not everyone is signed up, so i'll link to as many of the products as i can in these round-up posts. and for those that have asked, my rug is from Wayfair and that little glass box i use to hold my sunglasses is from Anthropologie :) 

 jeans: Zara | tunic: Lou & Grey via LOFT | scarf: Zara (similar) | necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie | lip: Revlon Colorburst Lip Stain in Crush
 sweatshirt: Evereve (similar) | sweatpants: Target (similar here or here)
 jeans: Banana Republic | lace undershirt: Marshall's | sweatshirt: Athleta | necklace: Sole Society | watch: Kate Spade 
jeans: Banana Republic | lace shirt: Marshall's, brand is Dulcie | sweater: H&M (similar)

as always, you can find me on Instagram at @the_laurenelizabeth

happy tuesday! xx

Autumn Getaway

next week, mike and i are heading to DC to do some tourist-ing and visit some family. he's never been to the city and i've only been there once, a few years ago, so we're both excited to explore the city. i've checked the weather a few times to see what we should expect for our time there...it looks like it's still pretty warm. mentally, i've transitioned into fall, but i still find myself reaching for my summer staples. the easiest way to dress during this autumn season? pair your favorite sundress or shorts/top combo with fall accessories. 

when i was browsing Sole Society to pick out some items, i found myself wanting just about everything i saw. i've been a browser/occasional-buyer for a couple years, always being enticed by their emails to check out the latest and greatest. and let me tell you, the fall selection is certainly not lacking. adorable booties, rich tones, and fun jewelry are just a few things you'll find. i have a couple of weekender bags (like this one) and they have sure gotten used well! i'm looking forward to using this one as my carry-on bag for our trip next week. and, look, it has a separate zipped section for shoes or hair products! 

for this easy transitional outfit, i paired one of my favorite summer dresses with my new favorite fall booties and this fun aztec-inspired necklace. to add an even more of a fall feel, pick a deep grey or navy nail color and your favorite berry lip. 

dress: Old Navy (similar) | necklace: Sole Society c/o | weekender bag: Sole Society c/o | booties: Sole Society c/o | watch: Kate Spade | lip: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey 

for more of my current favorite items, shop below!

big thanks to Sole Society for sponsoring this post!

Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

one of the first rooms that i make sure to get settled into when i move is my bedroom. i don't operate well with unpacked boxes and piles of junk around, so i like to put in the hours as quickly as possible to feel settled. i knew that i would be using a lot of my existing decor in my bedroom, but wanted a bit of a different feel this time around. that's basically the only good thing about moving every year - getting to redecorate and reinvent my space. i still have a lot of my white, gold, and "girly" things, but added in some more natural wood accents for a big of a warmer look. 

my favorite part is definitely my gallery wall! i've been collecting prints and things for it for a couple months, so it was really fun to finally be able to put it all together and see it as a finished wall. i've kept the decor in the rest of the room pretty simple, since the gallery makes a big statement. 

the best part about this bedroom is that it is only and ever going to be bedroom, not a bedroom + workspace. i've only ever had my workspace in my bedroom, but we have a separate room in this place for that, so i'm able to have a real-live bedroom and it's been great. it's nice to be in my room and not have my desk taunting me, telling me i should be working. instead, i can fully relax and not have to be reminded of my to-do list outside of work hours. 

speaking of my workspace, that comes next! it's mostly put together, so i'm hoping to be able to share it with you soon!
bed frame: Ikea | rug: Wayfair | blanket: Wayfair | throw pillows: Marshall's/Home Goods | lamp: Target 
gold sunburst: Hobby Lobby | "home is where your cat is" print: Cautiously Obsessed | ampersand: Hobby Lobby | gold-foil Chicago print: Minted | white frames: Hobby Lobby | cat faces print: Foursided | antlers: Target | "You better check yo'self" print: Orange Beautiful | lips canvas: Marshall's | XO letters: Anthropologie
bedside table: Ikea | clock: Ikea

flowers: TJ Maxx
tray: Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's | glass box: Anthropologie | white dish: Marshall's
ring dish: Anthropologie (similar) | tiered plates: Target
jewelry tree: Anthropologie
lamp: Home Goods | sunburst mirror: Target
dresser: Ikea | mirror: Home Goods

knobs: Anthropologie - top, middle, bottom

full disclosure: i've already rearranged my room because i have this sickness where that's what i do. so, i may share an updated tour in a couple weeks. because that's also what i do. 

Saturday Style | 27

for those of you that had the holiday off yesterday, i hope you enjoyed it! i spent the morning doing some accounting for the biz and the afternoon finishing up some apartment projects and watching New Girl...not a bad way to start off the week, if you ask me! 

over the weekend, Mike and i headed up to my family's lakehouse for a little getaway. we enjoyed some time floating in the lake, playing golf (while sipping margaritas, because that's the best way to do it), and relaxing. it was the perfect way to officially end the summer and welcome in fall. but really, COME ON, FALL. GET HERE. 

i will say that the only reason i'll be sad to see summer go is that i won't be able to wear some of my favorite clothes anymore. this dress and sandals have been worn a lot and they're some of the most comfortable items in my closet. i'm going to wear them down to the last possible second. but also, sweaters. and boots. and pants. i'm excited for those things because that means it's cooler outside and apple picking season has arrived. praise, hallelujah! 

dress: Target | sandals: Target | bag: Vince Camuto (similar options: this and this) | watch: Kate Spade | lips: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

have a happy tuesday! xx

Date Night

one of the best things about moving is getting to explore a new neighborhood. new restaurants, shops, coffee houses, everything. i haven't had much time to do any exploring yet, but i'm looking forward to going out with Mike to try some new places since i've heard so many good things about this area.

one of my favorite date night looks is an easy dress (with room to enjoy a delicious dinner!), a long cardigan, and a favorite pair of heeled booties. now that it's September, i feel like i can finally start digging into my earth-tones and richer shades, including lipsticks. a simple pair of studs and a clutch to go and that's all it takes for an easy outfit to go out with my favorite guy. 
cardigan: TopShop | dress: H&M | booties: Sole Society | lipstick: Bite | triangle studs: Elisabeth Ashlie | nail polish: Italian Love Affair by OPI | clutch: Sole Society

Hi Hey Hello

remember me? the girl that writes this blog? yeah, me neither. she's been lost in a sea of moving boxes and i've just barely found her again. 

whew. guys, it's been a busy few days! the move went successfully on Friday, which i'm thankful for! there always, always seems to be issues with moving, but moving day went smoothly for us. getting settled in has been fun but overwhelming -- there's a lot of stuff and not as much storage space, so we've been getting creative! i'm finally starting to feel settled and back to normal, so that's a relief. i'm hoping to share a home/office tour next week, so stay tuned for that! in the mean time, here's a little sneak peek at my (unfinished) home office:
you can find where items are from on instagram: @the_laurenelizabeth
i'm looking forward to being back in the swing of things with work and some new blog posts next week!