Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

one of the first rooms that i make sure to get settled into when i move is my bedroom. i don't operate well with unpacked boxes and piles of junk around, so i like to put in the hours as quickly as possible to feel settled. i knew that i would be using a lot of my existing decor in my bedroom, but wanted a bit of a different feel this time around. that's basically the only good thing about moving every year - getting to redecorate and reinvent my space. i still have a lot of my white, gold, and "girly" things, but added in some more natural wood accents for a big of a warmer look. 

my favorite part is definitely my gallery wall! i've been collecting prints and things for it for a couple months, so it was really fun to finally be able to put it all together and see it as a finished wall. i've kept the decor in the rest of the room pretty simple, since the gallery makes a big statement. 

the best part about this bedroom is that it is only and ever going to be bedroom, not a bedroom + workspace. i've only ever had my workspace in my bedroom, but we have a separate room in this place for that, so i'm able to have a real-live bedroom and it's been great. it's nice to be in my room and not have my desk taunting me, telling me i should be working. instead, i can fully relax and not have to be reminded of my to-do list outside of work hours. 

speaking of my workspace, that comes next! it's mostly put together, so i'm hoping to be able to share it with you soon!
bed frame: Ikea | rug: Wayfair | blanket: Wayfair | throw pillows: Marshall's/Home Goods | lamp: Target 
gold sunburst: Hobby Lobby | "home is where your cat is" print: Cautiously Obsessed | ampersand: Hobby Lobby | gold-foil Chicago print: Minted | white frames: Hobby Lobby | cat faces print: Foursided | antlers: Target | "You better check yo'self" print: Orange Beautiful | lips canvas: Marshall's | XO letters: Anthropologie
bedside table: Ikea | clock: Ikea

flowers: TJ Maxx
tray: Cynthia Rowley via Marshall's | glass box: Anthropologie | white dish: Marshall's
ring dish: Anthropologie (similar) | tiered plates: Target
jewelry tree: Anthropologie
lamp: Home Goods | sunburst mirror: Target
dresser: Ikea | mirror: Home Goods

knobs: Anthropologie - top, middle, bottom

full disclosure: i've already rearranged my room because i have this sickness where that's what i do. so, i may share an updated tour in a couple weeks. because that's also what i do. 


  1. I LOVE your decor! The wall arrangement is so pretty and I love the bedding


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  2. Hi! I was wondering what the paint colour of your bedroom is?



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