Office Supplies

one of my favorite things to buy is office supplies. not printer ink and staplers, but the cute stuff, like storage boxes and planners. i don’t like shopping for them as much as i enjoy shopping for clothes, but they’re righhhhht up there. i like coming up with new ways to be organized and to continually make my office functional for me. i also like finding ways to use decorative pieces, like those glass boxes, as storage. 
as most home offices do, i have quite a bit of stuff that isn’t necessarily the prettiest or workable to be “on display”. think paperwork, chargers, extra printer ink, etc. i’ve found these fabric boxes from ikea to be life savers for things like that. i stash all of that junk in those and then can use them in my bookshelves as decor. organized AND cute? yes, please. 
i’m a serial planner/notebook buyer, but this one from Rifle Paper Co. is the only one that i’ve actually used for more than a month. not only is it beautiful (as all Rifle things are), but it’s laid out in a way that is more functional for me and my schedule. with both monthly and weekly pages, i’m able to see my month “at a glance” and see what i have each week, which keeps me on track. honestly, i write things in there after they’ve already happened just so that i can use it. it’s weird. 
last thing i’ll say is that i love this computer stand. with the built-in drawer, it stands at the perfect height for me and allows me to stash my favorite notepads, scissors, and other things that i need within arms reach at all time. win-win-win. 
one: Rifle Paper Co. | two: Ikea – grey and cream | three: Anthropologie | four: Target | five: Sharpie via Amazon | six: West Elm – large, rectangular, square | seven: Target

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