Grey x Animal Print

hi hey hello! it's fall! 

this week has finally felt like true fall weather. you know, the kind where it's chilly in the morning, warm in the sun in the afternoon, and chilly again at night? it's blissful. and it arrived just in time for me to break into my fall wardrobe that i've been patiently waiting to use. 

one of my favorite things about early fall is that there's still time to wear your favorite summer pieces just once more. this dress (turned tunic - hello, shrinking in the wash) was one of my favorite things to wear toward the end of this summer because 1. it's grey 2. it's short-sleeved 3. it's comfortable 4. i still felt like i girl when i was wearing it. unfortunately, it shrunk just enough in the wash that it's too short to wear as a dress, but all that means is that i added another tunic to my fall/winter collection. #winning

this denim jacket is another spring/summer staple of mine, but i feel pretty okay wearing it in the fall, too. because fashion "rules" were made to be broken...or something like that.

okay, final note on these here pretty little pumps. i saw them at Target, tried them on, lingered for awhile thinking, "alright, just buy them, you'll wear them. trust me." but then realizing that i probably wouldn't wear them all that much and could they really be comfortable enough to wear for more than 10 minutes and no, Target, i came here for tape and cheese, NOT SHOES. so, i left them behind that day. 

but then i couldn't stop thinking about them, so i was at the store the next morning and bought them. and i'm really glad i did.  

top: Target | pants: Gap (similar, similar) | jacket: J.Crew Factory | pumps: Target | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie | watch: Kate Spade | bag: Rebecca Minkoff

photos by Christina Shelley 


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