Saturday Style | 30

we had a bit of a warm up over the weekend, so i took advantage of the opportunity to bare my pale porcelain legs one last time. i naturally dress more casual on the weekend because i’m in relaxation mode. not that i dress up during the week much, but i almost always reach for leggings and oversized sweaters on Saturdays. while a dress may be naturally a bit “fancier”, i tomboy’d it out with a flannel, rain boots, and my favorite fall jacket. 
i had a first this weekend, too! i attended my first-ever improv show and loved it. one of my friend’s from small group is very active in the improv community in the city, so i finally was able to go see her perform. it was so fun to see her in her element and just soak in all the talent of her group. there are plenty of things in the world that i would be bad at, but improv is one of those things that i would be so, so horrible at. like, it gives me anxiety just thinking about what i would do if someone called me up on-stage. while i can think quickly when it comes to a sassy remark to Mike or my sister, improvising an entire 30 minute skit off of one question posed by an audience-member would have me in the fetal position. it’s always so cool to me to experience the talent of other people, but even more when it’s something that i could never do. 
the rest of the weekend was relaxing, including a nice long nap on Saturday. 
question: is there anything better than getting back into bed on a weekend day? 
answer: no

dress: Tommy Hilfiger Outlet (similar) | flannel: H&M (similar) | jacket: Marshall’s (similar / similar) | boots: Hunter | bag: Kate Spade | necklace: Elisabeth Ashlie | earrings: Elisabeth Ashlie | cuffs: Elisabeth Ashlie (here and here)

photos by Christina Shelley

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  1. I love this outfit! I've never been to an improv show but it sounds so fun. And I agree, it gives me serious anxiety thinking about doing. One haha!

    Kim .. October Wishlist!

    Posted 10.12.15 Reply
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  3. Julia Cora wrote:

    one of my friend's from small group is very active in the improv community in the city, so i finally was able to go see her perform.
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