Saturday Style | 34

you're probably well aware of this already, but tomorrow marks the first day of DECEMBER. WHAT.  i'm anticipating a rather full month, so i'm not sure if i want it to begin, or could use another week of November. either way, i'm fairly certain the calendar won't stop moving for me, so it's happening and i'm coping. 

Putting Together a Gallery Wall

one of my favorite things that i've done with my d├ęcor is build a gallery wall. i love how it fills the space so well, while remaining interesting and not overwhelming. gallery walls can be tricky, though. picking out the art, objects, and other pieces to be a part of it is a process. i spent several weeks thinking through and collecting all of the things that you see. i wanted a cohesive theme, but also a good mix of types of art. several months later, i'm still so happy with how it turned out. i wanted to share a couple of tips and tricks i learned along the way.

Saturday Style | 33

i woke up this morning and could hardly believe that it was already the week of Thanksgiving! every year seems to go by more quickly for me (and others, it seems) and this year is no exception. it didn't start to feel like the holiday season until we got our first snow on Friday. it was the most beautiful snow. you know, the kind where it feels like you're living inside of a snowglobe? the best. i listened to my first bit of Christmas music and was finally feeling festive.

Black and White

hello, party people! this is my second attempt with this post, seeing as i just erased the entire thing before hitting publish #wednesday 

The Newest Addition

my catlady-ness has reached a whole new level...and i couldn't be happier about it. yes, that is an illustration of my cats. yes, it is currently residing on the walls of my office. YES, you better believe i look at it many times throughout the day and think something along the lines of, "ohhhhh they're so cute!"

Ivory x Grey

who says you can't wear white after labor day? 

The Perfect Combination

i may have found my perfect combination of products to create a natural-looking glow. i've been mixing and matching different foundations, BB creams, highlighters, and concealers for awhile, so it's been a process!

Saturday Style | 32

Earth Tones

My Most-Used Lip Products

if there's one makeup product that i get the most use out of, it would be things for my lips. and under eye concealer because, hello, who doesn't look better without bags?! 

A Check for the Bucket List

guys, the half marathon was this weekend and i live to tell to the story! 

yes, that's right, i ran a half marathon. 
if you knew me in middle school/high school/most of college, this will likely shock you. aside from a few years of playing basketball (mostly avoiding having the ball passed to me by looking like i was busy trying to lose a defender or tie a shoe or something) and a very brief stint as a high school cheerleader (which was mostly the worst), i have very few athletic bones in my body. mostly due to the fact that i am incredibly uncompetitive. like, fiercely not competitive. except when it comes to completing a jigsaw puzzle, then i'm zoned in and i will beat you to the final piece.