hello, party people! this is my second attempt with this post, seeing as i just erased the entire thing before hitting publish #wednesday 

it's currently raining in Chicago, and i just spent about 20 minutes trying to decide what to wear today until i realized that (1) i work from home so WHO CARES, (2) i'm likely not leaving the apartment today so WHO CARES, and (3) leggings and sweatshirts are some of my favorite things so WHO CARES. apparently, i do, but that's beside the point. 

if i were to leave the comforts of my dry and wind-less apartment, i'd like recreate this look from over the weekend. you guys know that i love wearing black. and while i can really get behind an all black outfit, there's something fun about adding in some pattern to mix it up a bit. still basic and easy, but just a little more interesting sometimes. 

i also consider any outfit that includes a puffer vest to be a homerun. i may or may not wish to always be wearing a vest during this season. and i may or may not have my eyes on this perfectly beautiful grey one.  and it's on sale, so yeah. #birthdaygifttomyself

outfit details:
H&M plaid shirt | J.Crew Factory vest | Calvin Klein jeans | J.Crew Factory boots | Vince Camuto bag | Elisabeth Ashlie necklaces | Elisabeth Ashlie earrings | Revlon lip